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Thread: I'm feeling low

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    I hear you. I don't have any friends who nursed beyond 6 months or so. They all are CIO fans and always encourage me to do it.

    I know what you mean about the going away for weekends thing. It's weird, because I sort of wish I could go away for a weekend. But I really don't want to do that. But I sometimes feel jealous, for lack of a better word, of my friends who go to Vegas for a weekend (or whatever) and I'm home with a 15 month old who's waking up crying to nurse due to teething. But I wouldn't trade my position for the world. But I still have weird feelings about it.

    I often feel sort of out of it with those moms who were my friends due to that. I love how they always sort of cautiously approach the conversation, "So, are you still nursing..." I reply, "Of course!" LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*juno View Post
    Some friends aren't meant for forever. You learned things from her while you were friends and had good experiences. Now it's time to find new friends with similar interests as you.

    This is a short but extremely important time for your baby and for you. You just have to do what feels right and that means people will come and go.
    People are either with you for a Season, A reason or a life time. Some friends....Are with you so long before you have a kid you think it's forever. But then you realize it was all just the season before you become a mother. And you will meet and lose people in baby support groups, Preschool....learning to appreciate people for what they bring to your life and let them go graciously when it's time to do so...is an art that warrants practice....
    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*homeopathicbaby View Post
    thank you mamas for your posts they made me feel not so alone after all and brought tears to my eyes.

    I AM proud of the kind of mum i am - thank you for this, and like the last poster, i also say it with a smile now when i say ds never sttn. People do seem to use that one as a marker of your ability don't they??!!

    You're right. if we are meant to reconnecct as closely as we were pre babies then we will. it was very hard for me at first. i was the only one out of my friends to have a baby and live in a very rural location (and was snowed in for a while too - never another winter baby!!). but then... i started falling in love with my baby and needing to see other mamas and my friend didn't understand this. i'm not sure she ever will as it seems to be so different for us.

    i'm so glad to hear your stories and support. i try not to feel sad
    Isolation is par for the course. We all feel that way the first couple of months. And ALL sleep TALK is SOCIETAL SCRIPT. It's what people are programmed to ask about and make judgments about. Know that going into the conversations and it makes them much easier to take with a grain of salt.

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    Default Re: I'm feeling low

    what I found helped me, was to find likeminded moms...like at LLL meetings, or local moms groups for APing, etc. It really helps to be around others doing the same as you.

    Hang in there you are a great mommy, and your DS is lucky to have you!
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    I also know how you feel. I've never had lots of friends because I have 4 sisters and they have always been my best friends. But most of them think I am crazy for still nursing my 33 month old. They all wanted to plan a trip this fall I have said I don't think I'll go but haven't told them it's because I am not sure LO will have weaned by them. One sister is breastfeeding her 6 month old and doing a great job at first she thought it was really weird I was still nursing a 2 year old but I sent her an article about breastfeeding beyond a year and she is starting to see the light. I don't want to pressure her but I would love not to be the only one in the family that nursed a toddler.
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    hi again,

    again - i'm glad i'm not the only only one and thanks for your replies. i don't think we have a lll group nearby - quite a drive away to the nearest one. like a pp said - kind of weird feelings when i see how free my friend still is even with a 4 month old.

    and i guess it's me thinking that is wrong, rater than my friend judging me. although she had plenty of thoughts about how to parent when it was just me with a baby!! i guess i'd likefor her to say 'crikey, i'm sorry i didn't realise the pressure you had - i only know now i have my daughter and even then i don't know how you do i t.' !

    she did say to me recently that she would crack up if she had to have a daughter more than she does. i suppose it would be nice that she asked me for support or something. i dunno. oh dear, just a bit of a sad sack at the moment...

    i don't want to go away frommy baby, but then sometimes i wonder if i do. but then i know i don't. It's more of a nostalgia i think, rather than something i want to do while i have a baby.

    she was my best friend and i'm sad that i feel i have lost that. i'm tryingto just act 'normal' and hope all will resolve.

    lovely to have this forum

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