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Thread: I don't know what to do next...

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    Do you warm the milk in bottles and in the straw cup? If he's used to warm bottles, you may want to warm milk in his cup for a bit and slowly decrease how much you warm it.
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    I am certainly not an expert, but I can tell you what worked for my DS. First off, we weaned slowly. The process took a little over 5 months. I pump weaned at work first since I hated to pump. Next, we night weaned since everyone needed better sleep. We then gradually dropped a session every few weeks. He weaned onto a straw cup, which he still uses now at almost 3.5 years old. The last session we dropped was the one at bedtime.

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    Thank you all for your continued words of encouragement and support. I am in the process now of trying to get him to go to bed with someone else (we're starting with daddy) but he is reluctant to realize it's bedtime.

    Last night I warmed a bottle for him to have and then daddy takes LO (with his bottle) to his room, where it's nice and quiet and dark, and puts him in his crib to drink it but he isn't happy about it and cries like you're poking him with a sharp stick. When he get's picked up he just keep trying to crawl out of daddy's arms. I had to eventually go to his room and pick him up to calm him down and hold him (I didn't nurse him and he didn't seem to mind) but he didn't want me to put him down until he was too tired to care.

    Can I make this easier for everyone? I feel like I'm going about this the wrong way.
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