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Thread: trying not to panic!

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    Exclamation trying not to panic!

    My 19 week old son has been eating every two hours, for about 20+ minutes since he was born. When I'm at work, I pump and he eats 3.5 oz every 2 hours- then seems to power nurse on my days off. The past two days, instead of power nurse, he would nurse for MAYBE 10 minutes. After that he either pulls off/falls asleep/ or starts to play [ pulls off- looks at what's going on-latches back on for 2 seconds just to decide he doesn't want it-etc ]. BUT afterwards- I don't feel full anymore so it's not like he didn't "eat it all" per say. Then today, instead of every 2 hours- he would go maybe 2.5 then slightly fuss [ which, I'd immediately offer since I didn't want to mess up his schedule ] but normally he makes it KNOWN when he's hungry. At first, I thought maybe he's just eating quicker because I heard they do eventually not take as long nursing but when I went to pump tonight [ I always pump at night because this is when I usually get home from work and he's always asleep- so even on days I don't work- I pump at this time] I got MAYBE 3 oz out of BOTH SIDES [ normally I get at least 3 each side ]. What's going on here? I'm going to have to pump more tonight/tomorrow morning before work because now I don't have enough but...maybe he won't need as much? UGH! Is this messing up my milk? How could he need less all of a sudden? When he does pull off- he's completely content. I also want to add- he is exclusively BF- no solids/water/etc. PLEASE ease my mind!

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    As long as your LO is nursing on demand when he is with you (no schedules...just letting him decide when and how much) and you are pumping every 3 hours at work with a good double electric pump, your supply should be fine. It's a possibility that your body is regulating the amount of milk it makes so you don't have an unnecessary overproduction. I read your LO takes 3.5 ozs every 2 hours? That sounds about right. I believe the rule of thumb for breastfed babies is 1 to 1.5 ozs for every hour that you are away from

    Also, being able to pump 3 ozs in one session is totally normal. Here is a good website with pumping info:

    It really sounds like your body is simply regulating your milk supply.

    And you're right, babies really do learn how to nurse much faster as they get older :-) it sounds like your LO is distracted by being able to see everything around him now. If you feel he isn't getting enough milk you can always try nursing him in a dark, quiet room. That may help. But my baby always makes up for what she doesn't eat during the day by nursing a ton at nighttime :-)
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    Is your LO sleeping through the night? This can cause your period to come back sooner, which causes a temporary dip in supply the week before you start bleeding - could this be the issue?

    This happened to me and I had to pump more frequently at night and while i was at work to keep up with his needs while i was away.
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    Since he was 6 weeks old he's slept from about 830/9- 1am but goes back to every two hours after that. So no changes there. My mom said when she had him while I was at work on Monday he didn't act that interested in the bottle either. Took him forever to eat and she couldn't decide if he actually wanted to eat or not.

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    He could just be self-regulating a little bit. As long as his pees and poops are okay, I wouldn't worry.

    For while you are at work, you could maybe offer smaller bottles if he still wants to eat every 2 hours. If he is spacing his feedings out, that can be normal too. My daughter eats 3.5-4oz every 3 hours, for a total of 10.5-12 oz per day.
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    i have 'heard' that babies growth slows down a little around 5 months?? i dont know for sure but thats what people tell me. maybe ask your pediatrician?
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    I have the same panic.

    Try to remember that bottles are a "full meal" which babies cannot regulate like they can at the breast. So when your little one is thirsty he may only drink part of a bottle, and if he has an entire bottle he may not be hungry for a while.

    It is rare the my LO nurses as long as I pump for so when he gets bottles he spaces them much farther apart because they are so filling and full of hindmilk. When he nurses he's too lazy to wait for for the slow flow that would fill him up and he nurses much more often than he would if he were at daycare w bottles.
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    Mama, how long are you pumping? I say "how long" but that's a deceptive question. . . are you pumping through two let-downs?
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