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Thread: Sick baby, worried mommy

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    Unhappy Sick baby, worried mommy

    Hi everyone,

    I just need to vent a bit... I'm by myself and sooo worried about munchkin. We have a Dr appt in two hours and I'm just waiting for the time to pass........

    This is the first time Ricky has vomited and had diarrhea (I have no idea how to spell that!). Usually we deal with low fevers and ear infections. I've been pumping to keep track of how little he's taking in and fortunately the amounts have been increasing the past few hours. For a kid that can easily down 9-10oz of milk and then be hungry for dinner, he's only been drinking around 2-3 oz. Last night it was barely an ounce and he'd throw everything up almost immediately. He just took 4 oz, so I'm a bit relieved, but his fever is going up. It breaks my heart to see him sick! He's so lethargic, he just wants to sleep in my arms. I've been giving him teaspoons of pedialite if he vomits the breastmilk... he seems to tolerate it better.

    I'm off to continue laundry- lots of it today. Any advice from experienced moms is appreciated. Munchkin is 10 1/2 months old...


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    It is scary when they're sick -- my least favorite part of motherhood. Dealing with it solo is really awful.

    Vomiting and diarrhea are no fun -- messy, sad, etc. -- but in and of themselves, they aren't damaging and in fact they are the body's way of getting rid of bad stuff before it can do real damage to organs etc. The big risk with vomiting/diarrhea stuff is dehydration, so if his diapers are dry or his urine is reduced in quantity and dark yellow-to-brownish, then that is a big danger sign. If he cries and makes no tears (assuming he normally makes tears when crying), then that's another sign of dehydration.

    In light of this, I wouldn't bother with pumping in order to track ounces consumed. Just nurse him freely, and watch his output of urine and tears.

    If he is taking any breastmilk, I would stick with that and not give pedialyte (the sugar in it can worsen diarrhea, plus it lacks the immune-support antibodies and other good stuff in breastmilk). I know it is disheartening to nurse or give EBM and see the baby promptly vomit it back up ... but as breastmilk is so quickly absorbed and easily digested, more of it is getting into his system than you realize.

    The other really wonderful thing about breastfeeding is that when a baby is really and truly ill, he WON'T nurse. He will be too weak or feel too awful to even nurse -- and that is when you know that this is serious and he needs to be seen by a doctor immediately.

    For example, when my son was about 15 months old, he developed a cough -- not for the first time, but it sounded much different than with his previous colds, and he was running a fever, so I took him to the doctor. She checked his lungs etc. and everything was fine. I took him home, he kept nursing, kept coughing, and then late that night he was coughing but STOPPED NURSING, and wasn't sleeping either -- just resting in my arms. I handed him off to my husband towards morning, so I could catch a little sleep ... and when I got up an hour or two later, I saw signs of respiratory distress -- he was panting, and the skin around his neck was sucking inwards with each breath. Got him immediately to the doctor again (not 24 hours after his last visit), and he had pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized overnight for special treatments.

    In other words, just as his illness was getting truly serious, he stopped nursing. So nursing is this wonderful barometer, a very valuable indicator of just how sick our babies are -- and what mother hasn't been plagued by doubts like that when her child is ill?

    I hope everything checks out OK at the dr's -- let us know how he's doing. Settle in for mucho nursing and laundry, and I bet he'll soon be right as rain again.


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    Dear Rebecca,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I had never thought of nursing as a barometer. Part of the reason why I was pumping was because I was getting engorged because he wasn't nursing normally.

    He last had 4 oz at noon and I tried to nurse him at the dr's office at 3.30 but he barely took anything. He's producing tears, drool etc so for right now he's ok. I will happily ditch the pump and the pedialite. He was acting very normally at the pediatrician's office, but now he's lethargic again. I just gave him some tylenol to help with the fever.

    It's hard to keep track of the urine, because he has diarrhea. I'm paying attention to the tears and the drool. He just fell asleep so I'm going to lie down with him. I know we're fortunate that this is the first bug he's gotten- he's almost 11 months old and I believe that BF has everything to do with it.

    It is so nice to have this forum for support. Thank you so much Rebecca. I'll let you know how we are tomorrow.

    Take care,


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