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Thread: Injuring the breast with too frequent pumping? Showering with soap?

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    Smile Injuring the breast with too frequent pumping? Showering with soap?

    Hi, I've been exclusively pumping as my baby is not too good with his latch. I am ok with the pumping as hubby is happy to do the feeding.

    What I want to know is if I pump every 1.5 hours or 2 hours, will I injure my breasts? I combine hand compression when I pump as I find that it doesn't hurt that much as compared to having the pump pull at the breast alone. Also it increases the output.

    At the moment I pump every 3-4 hours.

    Another question: seemed a bit daft but can soap get into the nipple? I've been pumping so much, my nipples are always moist and looked kinda "opened". I have not really been washing my breasts with soap, only on other body parts.

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    Default Re: Injuring the breast with too frequent pumping? Showering with soap?

    How old is your LO? if you are in the early days of pumping it really is a better idea to pump more often than every 3 to 4 hours. You won't damage your breasts by pumping more often. You do need to make sure you aren't turning the suction up to high and that your horn sizes are correct. This link has some more info on pumping
    also have you gotten any hands on help for your babies latch? in the long run it is much easier to breastfeed than it is to pump. This link has a little more info.
    As for the question about the soap- I have never heard of soap getting in the nipples

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    Default Re: Injuring the breast with too frequent pumping? Showering with soap?

    Excellent advice from the PP, as usual. Have you been to see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC? When you have a latch issue, nothing beats hands-on help. And since in the long run nursing is so much easier than pumping, now is the time to invest the money on a LC and fix the latch, before the baby gets totally hooked on the bottle.

    You can pump as often as you want without worrying about damaging your breasts, provided that you're using the right size of breast shields (which is another reason to see the LC!).

    No worries about soap getting into the nipple pores. But you probably want to avoid using soap on the nipple and areola, since soap removes your natural skin oils and those oils are what help make your nipple and areola skin resilient even when it's undergoing frequent use.

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    Default Re: Injuring the breast with too frequent pumping? Showering with soap?

    The PPs have already said all about the latch stuff..
    as for soap,

    I don't use soap on my breasts except for the couple of times baby has spat up on them because there's no need to. the only things that get on there is milk and maybe a bit of sweat but your daily shower will take care of that Using soap as the PP said will take away the oils as will washing too often and this WILL crack your nipples and further irritate them. I know from doing this in the past.
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