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Thread: Abrasion on Nipple - Help!

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    Default Abrasion on Nipple - Help!

    I pump once a day so DH can have one feeding a day. Two days ago when I pumped, I got a small crack/abrasion on my areola - right next to the nipple. I have been applying Lanohlin to it, letting it get air, cleaning it. It hurts so bad when LO first latches on, but is ok while she is feeding. Her latch is not bad, that is not what caused the crack.

    How can I heal my wound ?

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    Default Re: Abrasion on Nipple - Help!

    My midwife recommended I use polysporin ointment on my nipples when they got deep cracks, and it seemed more soothing than just lanolin to me. But basically, it may take a couple days to completely heal. Keep applying the ointment, give your breasts some air-time (aka naked time ) to dry out, and leave the pump for a day or two.

    Do you think you may need a different sized flange for your pump? A lot of women find they need a larger or smaller size. Getting an abrasion from your pump sounds like a good reason to look into different sized attachments! Many pumps offer larger or smaller horns/flanges for diff't sized women.

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    Default Re: Abrasion on Nipple - Help!

    Here is a link about healing nipple wounds:http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...lehealing.html
    I would also suggest lots of air drying. When you are finished nursing apply some breastmilk and let it dry before you cover it up again. The hydrogel dressings can be helpful as well. Also using either lanolin or all purpose nipple ointment is a good idea to promote moist wound healing. I hope it heals quickly for you!!

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