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Thread: Letdown Sensation Without Milk??

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    Default Letdown Sensation Without Milk??

    Hi Everyone,

    So I've started up pumping again for DD2. It was definitely nice to have the 8 month
    break! I'm having anxiety this time it seems. I'm starting one pump at a time...the one I've started with is the early morning pump - 4:30am for me. I nurse DD on both sides and have gotten 2 ounces when I pump the past two mornings (each time). I remember getting 5 ounces with DD1 and can't remember how long it took to build up to that. Can anyone share their experiences?

    One thing that is happening this time that never happened to me before - I am feeling
    the letdown sensation while pumping, but no milk will come out. I'm talking like 4 or 5times this will happen. I usually have 2 letdowns with milk. What gives?

    Do I just need to take a chill pill?

    Thanks for your time and thoughts!


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    Default Re: Letdown Sensation Without Milk??

    I get at most 4 oz when I pump and it took a few weeks to get there. I don't really feel much of a let down when I pump, just slightly. I suspect you are letting down in the breast but the pump isnt removing it efficiently. does that make sense? i think you just need to get used to your routine. good luck.

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