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Thread: Antibiotics: Azithromycin

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    I'm currently sick with flu-like symptoms. Because my fever is pretty high (was 104 for 3 days and only broke yesterday to 101-102) my doc did a lot of tests. All came back negative. Just waiting on a strep throat test.

    She prescribed antibotics "Azithromycin" and said it was "okay" while breastfeeding. I didn't think to question her as she seems pretty knowledgeable about breastfeeding (she suggested claritin-d for my congestion, but said it could reduce my milk supply - so I thought she was knowledgeable since I also read that in the forums here once).

    Anyways, I did some research online and Azithromycin is not the "preferred" antibotic for breastfeeding moms. From my reading, "Erythromycin" seems to be better.

    I'm starting to feel better and my fever is coming down with some tylenol. The one presribed isn't on the Kellymom.com's list of AAP breastfeeding list (http://kellymom.com/health/meds/aap-...ml#Antibiotics), but the other one is.

    I made a call back to the doctor, but she is out today and tomorrow. Have any of you mamas taken either of these antibiotics? Should I/Can I insist that I get prescribed the one that is on the AAP list?

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    You can check with the infant risk center. That is the z-pack and a friend of mine from work called them and they said it's fine.


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    I've taken it. They will prescribe it to babies, so I felt like it would be okay.
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