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Thread: Pumping less while sick

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    Default Pumping less while sick

    Hello ladies!

    I currently sick and I noticed my pumping output dropping. I normally nurse on demand except when I am away from baby while he is at daycare. I usually pump every 3 hours, 3 times a day. Usually, I'll get about 5 oz in total per session, which is a couple oz more then I need to give to daycare for one day.

    I've been having a pretty high fever with a runny nose, sore throat, etc, etc... (waiting to hear back from the doc of my last test... to see if I have strep throat) ... anyways, I noticed my pumping output has gone from 5 oz to about 3.5 - 4 oz per session.

    I'm trying to drink as much fluids as possible, and I am home resting as much as possible. My LO is almost 6 months and usually nurses on demand until I started going back to work about 3 weeks ago.

    I know being sick is having an effect on my milk supply. I didn't really pump often before. Only for a few weeks before I started to go back to build a small freezer stash.

    I just wanted to know if others experienced this and was it easy to "bounce back" after a full recovery?

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    Default Re: Pumping less while sick

    It will definitely bounce back. Drink plenty of fluids, and try to eat at least some. I would also suggest you nurse/pump more often if you can, until your output improves.
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    Default Re: Pumping less while sick

    I had the same problem back in Jan. I was so afraid that my supply was doomed & I had oversupply. Thankfully it came back & I haven't had any problems. Just keeping nursing as much as possible & you'll be fine!

    Feel better soon!!

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