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    I was going to ask if you knew why he objected, but more importantly, have you asked specifically why he objects? Men sometimes have a hard time articulating their feelings, but if he is going to object so strongly, then he needs to say why. And not "it's weird" or "they shouldn't be able to ask for it" or any of those other crap arguments. What is he afraid of? As one of the excellent PPs said above, the burden of proof should be on him.
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    I personally wouldn't wean while your husband is deployed for your own sanity as well. I would imagine you will be stressed acting as a single parent for a period of time. If you use nursing as a way to calm your dd or to help her go to sleep, you don't want to give that up for any reason (unless she is done of course). If you go to your husband with this defence, I hope he would understand.
    Also, it would be sad to wean because it is weird. There are tons of things you two may decide to do with your dd that may not be "normal" but they may be some of the best things for your dd. You can't make parenting decision based on how the outside people view it.
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