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Thread: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

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    Default Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    We made it to 2, and educated some family members along the way. The hard thing for me is she has suddenly become MORE, not less, into the boob. I try making sure we have lots of nonboob related cuddle time, she gets a lot of attention, I've been a SAHM for a while now - but she asks for it several times a day. I've tried limiting it to 3 times a day, but in the last couple of weeks I am rarely successful in that. She eats a lot of whole milk and dairy products, and is otherwise great developmentally - but I am ready to slow this down and begin tapering off the breastfeeding.

    Tips for how to gently distance a very attached two year old from the boob??
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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    It seems like right around his birthdays, my son got much more attached to nursing for a little while. Starting a bit after 2, I started limiting nursing to when we were at home. So if I didn't want to nurse much, we went on lots of outings, with the promise that when we got home, he could nurse. Also,a bit closer to 3, he started being very understanding of the idea that my nursies were sore (my cycle suddenly started having a HUGE effect on my breast tenderness), and would make nursies short or wait until the next session. He also understands when I say that I am making milk for him but don't have any just yet. I know that last one isn't strictly honest. But it feels acceptable to him as a reason, so...

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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    Congratulations on making it to two!
    My DD she was less likely to nurse during the day when we were out or doing things to keep busy around the house.
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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    I don't have much advice because my LO is also 2 and still nurses at LEAST 3 times a day. But distracting him does seem to help a lot. The more we're home the more he nurses.
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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    my 2yo nurses several times a day and overnight. I can distract her or put her off a bit. Some days she wants nothing but to nurse all day, but usually I am able to put her off if need be! Usually I just give in casue its easier...lol.
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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    My baby will be 2 in July and still nursing all the time. What works for us when I don't want her to nurse is to offer a different activity she enjoys. Usually I ask if she wants to read a book because that is her favorite thing or color, which she also enjoys. Playing outside is great this time of year, too, or going to a park.
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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    congrats on making it that far!! No suggestions on weaning, but Teals advice sounds great!
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    My son is 2 and a half and some days I feel like he nurses a lot still, but things that have helped me is going for outings. We seldom nurse in public anymore and usually when he wants to nurse he'll say I want to go home, basically so he can nurse. He's more easily distracted when we are not at home. It also takes a while, today was the first time he agreed to let me read him a book rather than nurse and I've been suggesting it for at least 6 months. I've just found it's easier to nurse him if he has his mind made up, but sometimes I don't let him nurse for long and other times he only wanted to nurse for a minute. You'll find out what works best for you and your LO but it is a slow process and sometimes you feel like you take a step back and that's ok.
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    Default Re: Made it to 2, ready to wind it up

    Wait until her 2nd year molars come in? That's what I'd do.

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