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Thread: Going on St. John's Wort..

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    Default Going on St. John's Wort..

    I'll start this by saying my son is now close to 27 months. He nurses on and off through the day but nowhere near as much as he used to. It's more a boredom/emotional thing for him now and also to help him sleep.

    I've struggled on and off with depression for years. I went on Zoloft last year as it's considered the safest antidepressant for bfing.. It had really bad side effects(insomnia, emotional trouble) and I had a really terrible experience. My doctor wants me back on antidepressants but I just can't risk feeling the way they make me feel(high).

    So I've decided, after tons and tons of research, to try St. John's Wort. Now I know this has been discussed here in the past, and it appears some women have tried it. Anyone want to tell me how it's worked out for you?

    I also take a prenatal vitamin and B-complex. Fish oil has helped in the past but I have a hard time swallowing 6 giant pills of that every day.

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    I haven't taken St. John's Wort but fish oil is very helpful for me as well. I use Carlson or Nordic Naturals liquid fish oil (cod liver oil in the winter months when I don't get sun). When the fish oil is high quality and fresh the oil does not taste at all "fishy" or gross and it's a lot easier to just take a couple teaspoons of liquid oil and chase it with a bite of fruit or a swig of juice than swallow monster sized pills.

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    It's interesting that you started this thread becuase I am currently looking for a natural alternative to Zoloft or any pharmaceutical medication. I just recently stopped taking Zoloft and am still experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I feel like death warmed over but I'm getting through it and am determined to prove to myself that I don't NEED pills. to both of you.
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