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    First post so hi everyone! I have a 1 week old baby girl and I'm breastfeeding her. I had quite a bit of trouble getting her to latch on which I wasn't surprised about because I had a lot of difficulty with my son. I seem to have resolved this now but the problem now is that my daughter is so tired all the time. I always have a lot of difficulty getting her to wake up to feed her! I'm trying to feed her every 3 hours during the day which is sometimes hard because of the sleepiness. Does anyone one else have a baby that just wants to sleep all the time? It wouldn't really be an issue except we are being told by the local health services that she must be putting on at least an ounce a day. I am quite annoyed by this as they are putting a lot of pressure on me and I really don't think that what they are saying is accurate. Can someone reassure me that she doesn't in fact need to be putting on an ounce a day and that me giving her what she is asking for is enough?

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    Welcome and congrats on the new baby.

    A lot of mamas have to deal with sleepy babies. Don't worry too much about the sleepiness- it won't last. Most babies really start to wake up by around 3 weeks of age, so all the work you're having to do right now to keep your LO eating and alert is only temporary.

    I don't know that 1 oz per day is the correct standard for such a young baby. I've always heard that you want the baby to be back at birth weight by 2 weeks of age, and producing adequate wet and poopy diapers (here's a reference: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/enough-milk.html). After the first couple of weeks, you want to see weight gain of around 5-7 oz per week, though for some babies weight gain of 4-5 oz per week is acceptable (see this reference: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...ight-gain.html).

    Keep counting diapers and continue to do your best to get your LO to eat every 2-3 hours. You're going to do great!
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    I just wrote almost the same post. I guess neither of us is alone!! I'm sure our girls will wake up when they are ready. I'm just worried about her getting enough. My pediatrician wanted her to gain at least 1/2 ounce per day. In 2 days, she gained 2 ounces so she was satisfied. I hope she keeps eating ok and we continue to gain weight!

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    Good to hear that its not just us. Thanks for the links. I guess we need to keep monitoring her weight. Mom2twobabes, when did your girl start to gain weight?

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    i'm brand new to the forum and brand new to breastfeeding (it'll be 6 weeks on thursday ) but from what i read and saw with our own baby, often newborns,especially the first week or so, are reallly sleepy.

    makes sense, they just went through tremendous effort, the birth, and now are bombarded with a ton of new experiences - breathing, people, sounds, smells.. shoot, i'd conk out too!

    hang in there ~ and ignore the naysayers, you're doing great!
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    My LO had lost almost 10% of her birth weight of 9lbs so my pediatrician had me come back in 3 days to make sure she was gaining. So in 3 days, she had gained 2 oz. My pediatrician said she looks for 1/2 oz/day weight gain. I hope she continues to gain despite the sleepiness! I'm sure yours will too!

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    I used to squeeze LO's butt firmly but gently...it seemed to do the trick for us! I would do this when I noticed he slowed down/ stopped sucking. I think the idea was to catch him before he really fell back asleep.
    Actually, I forgot all about having to do that & he is only 7 weeks old. He just naturally started growing out of it
    Hang in there...you may wish for these sleepy days back!

    As for weight gain, don't put *too* much emphasis on it...drs like to make it their everything but all babies grow differently. Pay attention that diaper output is good and she seems generally healthy & then dont worry...and when in doubt, offer that she eat again . If she's not, she won't!!

    GOld job, mama!!
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    Good job, growing boy!

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    My little one liked to sleep all the time, too. The things that helped us through and helped her wake up were skin-to-skin contact (and not having her swaddled) and keeping a cool cloth nearby to wipe her face with to wake her up a bit. She grew out of it within 2-3 weeks if I remember correctly.
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    My DD is 5 weeks and she still sleeps all the time - at least 20 hours a day!! Mostly catnaps. She nurses short amounts every 2 hours or so. She weighs about 12 lbs!!

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    Thanks for all the replies everyone. Happy to report she started putting on weight well so the pressure from the doctors was lifted! She is often quite restless in the day now which can be trying but she sleeps quite well at night so all in all things are good

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