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Thread: Keep pumping before bed & to pump/not...

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    Default Keep pumping before bed & to pump/not...

    A couple of Qs. My LO is almost 12 months old!! I've been pumping every night for a long time. I only get 1.5-2.5 oz but it has allowed me to provide enough for her on my 3 days of week. I have plenty of milk in my freezer in case I need it. Any reason to keep this before bed pumping going?

    The other Q- I pump 3 times a day on the days I work. I am thinking about stopping this entirely at 12 mo & giving milk & other on my work days. Is there any reason to keep pumping? I still plan to nurse my LO as much as she wants. Is there anyone who still pumps after 12 months?


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    Default Re: Keep pumping before bed & to pump/not...

    By 12 mos, your supply is generally well-established, so you can stop pumping @ work and you will still have plenty for the days you are together (as well as whatever nursing you do morning and evenings when you are gone).

    If you are ready to stop pumping, I would stop. If your baby is nursing at least 3-4 times a day, you don't need to worry about calcium supplements (through cow's milk or other dairy, etc).

    I had planned to pump wean at 12 mos, but my pregnancy w/ #2 took care of that for me I would cut back slowly though, so you don't get a clogged duct or something. What I would do is slowly advance the times you pump (maybe by 15-30min increments each day), until that 3rd one drops off, then 2nd, etc. What other mamas do is pump for less time each session, or one session @ a time, until you have stopped.

    Awesome work for breastfeeding your baby this long!
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    Default Re: Keep pumping before bed & to pump/not...

    Thank you! I'm definitely ready to end the night time pumping. I'll probably go slow with the day time pumping since I would like my LO to have my milk when I'm at work.

    I must admit (never thought I would feel this way), I'm kind of sad about stopping the pumping. After a tough start with the pumping (lots of clogs!), I'm at a good place now, pumping really well. I'm not attached to the pump but for some reason, it's sad to me that I'm stopping...like a huge part of the way I care for my LO is ending. Pretty weird.

    Thank you! Right now I don't want to think about stopping. I never thought that I would want to continue breastfeeding past 12 months!

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    Default Re: Keep pumping before bed & to pump/not...

    i kept pumping for 14-15 months, but I work full time and had NO freezer stash. He took a long time to warm up to cows milk and I was actually afraid that (despite what everyone says) i would not have enough milk for when he wanted it on the weekends if I didn't continue to pump.

    It is true though... your supply really is flexible at this point, so you're probably safe to stop.

    I used to pump 3x a day at work too and then i just cut one at a time out... what worked for me is to just keep pushing the first pump of the day further back to the afternoon until i got feeling full/uncomfortable. I've never had a problem with engorgement or plugged ducts though. If you do, go more slowly (i think i fully weaned in less than a month with no issues, but i know it's taken other mamas a lot longer)

    congrats Mama! My favorite part of nursing so far has been since i finished pumping - there's so much less stress about getting enough for the next day, etc...

    And your feelings aren't weird abotu being sad. I was really sad -- i felt the exact same way you do. And then one day, i just was entirely feeling ready. And really, honestly, our nursing relationship has improved since i stopped. Nothing about it seems like a chore anymore. And if you're still nursing 4 solid times a day, you don't even have to supplement with cows milk when you're gone after your freezer supply is gone. My 17 mo drinks very little cows milk and usually just drinks water during the day.
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