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Thread: Frenulum (tongue tie) keeps reattaching

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    Default Frenulum (tongue tie) keeps reattaching

    I just found out this morning that my baby's frenulum reattached again. This is what's known as tongue tie (the little thingy under his tongue is too short and has been causing painful nursings). I am SO upset. The last time we went to the dentist he said it was healing well and I didn't need to do anymore stretching exercises on the surgical site. At out follow-up appt. today (about a week and a half later) and it reattached 4 mm so he stretched it out again with his bare hands. Now I have to do the stretching exercises again for another 7 days. My baby cries bloody murder whenever I do these and I'm fearful it's not going to work again. It is so hard. My boobs are killing me, I'm exhausted and just want to get this fixed. I guess I just needed to vent and see if anyone out there had a similiar experience. Thanks

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    Default Re: Frenulum (tongue tie) keeps reattaching

    How was the tongue tie fixed in the first place? By stretching exercises? Or was it surgically clipped or removed with laser?

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