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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*tarantamom View Post
    I think cows milk is tasting, funny enough.
    I like ice cream yoghurt ect, just not the milk itsself.
    I totally agree! I can't drink straight cow's milk. Yuck!
    ~ Megan

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    If I were drinking milk as a beverage though, I would certainly drink cows milk over my or anyone else's breastmilk. My breastmilk goes to my children ONLY. Or to someone else's baby under age one.

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    I am indeed also building a freezer stash to be donated. Half is for in case of an emergency (I.E. if something were to happen to me) and half I plan on donating when the freezer gets full..keep it in a rotation most likely...
    However it prevents cancer & my own family's health is #1. It's just a perk that we all happen to <3 the taste. Having a LOT of health problems that render me somewhat disabled I find that drinking my own milk helps me feel better too which is vital for the care of my own babe, so that's another plus.
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