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Thread: need help-feedings

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    Default need help-feedings

    I have a 4.5 month old ds at home. I is feeding every 2 hrs. our feedings go
    8-*:30 am wake up and nurse
    10-10:30 4 oz of formula
    12-12:30 4 oz of formula
    2:30-3 4 oz of formula
    about 5 nurse and solids
    about 7 nurse
    about 9 nurse
    9:30 bedtime
    and than up at 2 am and 5 am for nursing.

    I thought babies this age were to go 3-4 hours between feedings. It doesn't seem to matter if I nurse or feed him formula that he eats every 2 hrs. What can I do to extend his feedings? I am really getting burnt out with every 2 hrs.

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    Default Re: need help-feedings

    I don't know how helpful I can be because I never used formula, but my ds nursed every couple of hours until he was 1, he still would if he could and he is almost 2 now. For him, it was about comfort. I have had friends tell me that there babies who had both would want the formula more once they had it, they thought, because it was sweeter. Hope that helps.


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    Default Re: need help-feedings

    He could be experiencing a growth spurt. How is his growth? Tell us a little about the first couple of months so we have a clearer picture of your situation. Also know that there are others in your situation and we are wishing you the best.

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    Default Re: need help-feedings

    I don't feel like that kind of spacing comes about until they are up and moving about! DJ now at 10months will often go 4-5hours w/out eating during the day. But it didn't begin to stretch out until around 6months. And it was gradual. Like 2&1/2 hours than 3 and the more distracted he became with age then longer he would go. HTH!

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    when he was first here he would eat every 1.5 hrs and now for the last 3 months has been every 2 hrs.

    Tonight I nursed him at 5:30, than at 7 and he got applesauce w/ rice cereal also and than wanted to nurse again at 9. I thought once he started with some solids that he would go a little bite longer between feedings. I am at the end of my rope

    I know that bf'ing is the best for him but it has made my skin crawl from the very beginning and with how much he is still eating I am feeling worse. That is why I have given him formula a couple of feeding a day now for the last 3 weeks.

    He does only eat off of one side per feeding and some times I do not feel empty. I do offer the otherside but he doesn't want it.

    any other suggestions would be great?

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