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Thread: "I don't like mommy milk anymore"

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jbean1979 View Post
    My Mom said it was challenging being a mom of twins sometimes because we were so in sync and she felt out of the loop! I'm kind of just saying that because that's immediately what i thought of - you get back from a trip and they've moved on without you being a part of the discussion. I hope you find peace with the way it's working out.
    It does sound like there was some discussion about this while you were gone...it actually made me wonder if whoever was watching them while you were away was talking to them about it. But, like PPs have said, you've done amazing to nurse twins, let alone to nurse them this long!

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    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I too found it interesting that they decided to quit at the same time. As the mother of 8-month old twins, I've been doing a lot of wondering as to how or when mine will decide to wean. I'm sure we're a ways off (I hope, anyway!) and I'm so curious as to when they will decide to wean with relation to one another. Both are avid nursers now and I honestly couldn't tell you which one I would think of as being more likely to wean first if I had to make a guess! It hadn't really occurred to me that maybe they would wean together.

    Thanks again for sharing! You've done an amazing job!
    Mom to amazing twins! Both nursed happily until 3y6m.

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