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Thread: BLS question-food sucking

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    I've read the recent BLS threads- so helpful, thank you! I have a feeling LO is doing everything right, but I'm having panic attacks while she "eats." Last night I made a bell pepper and tofu stir fry, and gave her a piece of bell pepper, probably larger than my pinky, cooked, and a piece of stir fried tofu-no soy sauce. I dealt with the gagging on the tofu pretty well but then she started sucking on the pepper strip. I had visions of her sucking it straight down her throat or windpipe. Can this happen? i am taking infant CPR this weekend. She is 6 months. This was her 2nd meal after banana fingers, which i was also afraid would break off in her mouth and get sucked down.

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    I heard sucking is really good for them! If it's long enough and thick enough, she should be ok. I think alot of it is that they are sitting straight up or even a little hunched forward- anything that is too big *should* fall out. And a long strip that she can hold can probably help her gauge where her gag reflex is and help her avoid it. And remember that babies very rarely CHOKE, but they just gag alot.

    I think it's important though, that you are relaxed and trust in your baby, because they pick up on that. I haven't gotten nervous at all (which is kind of making me feel bad now like I don't care!) but I read Gill Rapley's entire book and Connor was so ready and I just feel confident he will be alright.

    Connor sucked on a piece of steak last night (cut in a long, thick strip). He usually forgets about food he drops, but he did *not* forget about that piece of steak. Looked like a little caveman.

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    But remember that gagging and choking are not the same thing. Your child WILL Gag. And may actually PUKE. My child did. These are nature's defenses AGAINST choking as is the tongue thrust. Baby is not ready to swallow so after pushing food around mouth it comes back out.
    You child isn't choking unless they are turning blue.
    If your child can pick it up and put it in her own mouth, she can be trusted to deal with it. It may not be actual EATING for months. But it's all practice. Once take infant CPR you'll feel better.

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    Your post actually made me smile, as we gave our twins grilled strips of peppers last night for the first time and we had a similar experience. By this time I'm used to the gagging, but it was funny watching my DD suck on a piece of pepper like your LO did.

    What we've noticed is that, like the pps have said, is there's a huge difference between gagging and choking. DH and I always keep a close eye when we notice someone gagging, and usually the food just comes back out (DD likes to rechew things like that... almost like she's chewing her cud... ). Sometimes a piece will seem a bit stuck in the mouth, so we'll help it to come out (tougher vegetable skins are big culprits here). Occasionally, long pieces of food like these little zucchini fingers that I make will go down in large strips. We know that she's just sucking them straight down because we find them in diapers later on.

    It sounds like you are doing great so far! Hope the CPR course goes well!
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