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Thread: still getting those antibodies :)

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    Default still getting those antibodies :)

    There are times when I get frustrated with nursing my soon to be 2 year old...like when he twiddles or climbs all over me while nursing, and when I feel touched out yet he wants "nee nees" to kiss his boo boo...there are times when I secretly doubt that he is really getting all this good stuff from my milk, and wonder how good it really is.

    Well this past week was literally the week from hell in my house. Joshua (my 4 year old) came down with the worst case of the stomach bug ever. He was literally vomiting for 4 days straight, high fever, diarrhea, chills...it was awful. Then DH caught it and had it for 24 hours...I happened to be next...I was like the exorcist. It was awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I had fever, chills, body aches, vomiting every 10 minutes, everything. Jonah continued to nurse through all of this (although my supply dipped because I was dehydrated). The day after I had it he complained that his tummy hurt. I was so petrified of him going through this...except he didn't!!!!
    He had a slight fever that lasted 3 hours and during that time he was restless and saying his belly hurt. He didn't eat much that day, he just nursed (this was 2 days ago) He went to bed and slept the entire night (only waking to nurse maybe once). The next day he was 100% fine, we even took him fishing. I have no doubt that the antibodies in my milk saved him from the torturous virus It's times like this that I am thankful for nursing my almost 2 year old...oh and when he says "mommy I love you so much and I love nee nees so much too"
    I am also thankful that I caught it before him so that my milk had those antibodies

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    Default Re: still getting those antibodies :)

    So, so true. There is currently a chicken pox outbreak where I live and a measles outbreak in MN. We don't vax so it really is imperative that DS continue nursing so he can get those antibodies and doesn't get measles (I think I would be ok with him getting the pox, though, so we can just get it over with).

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