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Thread: Echinacea

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    Question Echinacea

    Can I take Echinacea while BF?

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    Default Re: Echinacea

    Hello - and welcome to the boards....

    Here are some links to help you - I hope they do...
    (I will assume you are not feeling well or expect to need to fight something off - so good luck to you!! )

    Kellymom.com Echinacea

    Dr. Hale Echinacea

    *I just wanted to add my experience. I have taken this in the past with no problems to myself. Since I have been nursing I have taken it on 3 occasions, with no other offensive foods/drink and DS responded with a bit of a bum rash. My conclusion was he is a bit sensitive to it (as he is with many other things) so I abstain but though that was the only reaction I noted I just dont like knowing something I took rashed him up...
    I shared this just so you know to watch for any reaction.
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    Default Re: Echinacea

    I found these references for you:

    kellymom: http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/ref/herbs_e.html
    In normal doses, Echinacea is among the herbs generally recognized as safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. Many people take echinacea, which is reported to boost your immune system (among other things). According to Hale, purified echinacea extract is relatively nontoxic even at high doses. Although no studies have been done on its transfer into human milk or its effect on lactation, no known contraindications to its use during nursing exist other than allergy to the plant family Asteracea (sunflowers).

    mayoclinic: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/ech...ient-echinacea
    At this time, echinacea cannot be recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Although early studies show no effect of echinacea on pregnancy, there is not enough research in this area. Pregnant women should avoid tinctures because of the potentially high alcohol content.
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    Thanks for the info. As you guessed I am sick and I don't want to get my DD sick too. I am thinking Echinacea will help but I am not sure. Every time I blow my nose it wakes up my family and DD is having troubles sleeping as it is, grrr. We even missed Trick or Treats with our friends because I am sick , it's DD's first Halloween.

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    Default Re: Echinacea

    To also offer my own personal experience...I have taken it while bf with no problems. I actually also give echinacea to my dd, and have since she was a young infant (probably 3-4 months)..I give her a children's liquid with a dose by weight. It was recommended to me by my naturopath as being good to help a baby just before and after immunizations. So I've used it for that, for when we're exposed to many germs (with large groups of kids or traveling), or when she gets a cold. We've been happy with it.

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