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Thread: Engorement + pumping + nipple trauma = please help!

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    Default Engorement + pumping + nipple trauma = please help!

    I have a 6 and a half week old. She just had a growth spurt and was hungry all the time - we must have had a couple of nursing sessions when the latch wasn't good, and so one of my nipples is very sore (and possibly cracked, although I'm not too sure what a cracked nippled looks like, as silly as that sounds).

    I tried nursing this morning off the bad nipple and it was so painful that I had to stop - and I pumped instead, and managed to get 100mls/3oz which my partner then gave to her, and she took (even through she's never had a bottle before).

    I have then been nursing on my good side as usual.

    Now my bad breast is engored and pumping doesn't seem to relieve it - it just can't empty it quite like a baby can.

    Should I just try and take the pain and get baby to empty it, or should I just try and pump some more? How does engorement go away without a nursing baby?

    Will my baby get nipple confusion with half her feeds on the bottle and the other half on the breast?

    I'm abit lost to be honest. And I'm hoping the nipple will heal fast.....

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    Default Re: Engorement + pumping + nipple trauma = please help!

    bummer momma! sorry to hear of your pain.
    have you put any nipple balm or lanolin to help heal? does the pain go away once your baby is into the feed or is it painful the whole time? as the tenderness does go away after awhile.
    you can try lubing the pump flang with a little olive oil to help with the soreness, but yes empty the breast any way you can, even hand express if you need to relieve discomfort and keep up supply.
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    Default Re: Engorement + pumping + nipple trauma = please help!

    How are you doing now, mirabelle-plum? Have you been able to get back to nursing?

    If your baby normally latches well and this was the exception that caused the soreness, then your nipple will be able to heal while you keep nursing. Of course, you'll want to be extra careful about the latch for a while!

    I hope you're feeling better!

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    Default Follow-up

    Thanks for the replies!

    Magically, that evening I just had to nurse - the pumping just wasn't getting rid of the engorement, and there's nothing like your little one for emptying your breast.

    Anyway, the nipple is back to normal now, and I'm working on my technique - I think the problem was that I forgot to attach her with the chin leading first and I don't think her mouth was as open as it could be.

    I'm going to go to a LLL meeting this friday in my area, and I'll ask one of the leaders if they could give me some help.

    I feel at the moment that I'm managing, but only just! I met up with some other momma-friends this morning, and I was so jealous of their breastfeeding technique - two of them had their little ones self attach!

    At the moment, I can only BF when I have a particular set up of pillows, etc and I have to hold my breast and put my LO to the breast. I guess I'm too afraid to try to let her self attach. Oh well.

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    Default Re: Engorement + pumping + nipple trauma = please help!

    Don't worry about self-latching. If I let my 4 month old self latch, she'd latch on the areola
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