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Thread: Weaning after super extended nursing

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    Smile Weaning after super extended nursing

    I nursed my son until recently, he is 4 years old and that's about the time he just stopped asking for it. I know it's not the norm here in the states, but I wanted to put no pressure on my son to stop. After he started daycare and I started work, I nursed much less each time, so really the opportunities to nurse were happening mostly in the morning and at night. Anyway, it's been about 1.5 months that nursing stopped, he just felt good not to ask for it anymore. During that time after between 1-4 years, I never required to pump or had any leaks, etc., I dont have any discomfort or anything, it's just that the milk is still there! I can express a few drops still from my breasts, I wonder when the milk will actually dry up. I don't know if it's normal or I should be concerned. In the first year, my milk production was VERY abundant and steady. He never had to use formula, I had plenty to feed a few more kids if I had them! So, my question is, what is the normal expected time when milk is to dry up after nursing stops fully? Would the length of time or the production amounts have anything to do with why I can still express milk from my breasts? I'm guessing all this is hormonal...I do have increased sex drive lately, and it could be a bit embarrasing during the act if I'm still expressing milk...Thanks for any info!

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    Wow!!!! I have no advice I just wanted to say congrats!

    Oh and
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    I don't have any advice either, but wow!! You are an amazing mother!!

    An inspiration

    You must share some of your experiences and tips with us all.
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    We luv cloth baby bums!

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    I think that in some women, production doesn't entirely cease. I know that after I weaned my daughter, I could still hand express something like colostrum for over 10 years until I conceived my son. And my best friend nursed her son for 5.5 years, and it has been almost 1.5 years since she weaned, and she can still express actual milk. If you get really worried at any point, you can ask you doctor to analyze what you are expressing. Mine did this about 8 or so years after I weaned my daughter, and said it was all okay.

    Oh, but in my experience, the production goes WAAAAAAY down, to the point where it is mere drops, no engorgement or spontaneous letdowns. I wouldn't worry about milk getting in the way of your relationship with your husband. It should be fine.

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    with Teal. Sometimes milk production continues for years after weaning, generally at a minimal level. I nursed my first for 3 years and continued to have a little milk for about 6 months after she weaned, at which point I became pregnant and at last saw the milk disappear.

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    Default Re: Weaning after super extended nursing

    and if your husband enjoys it who cares...

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    Smile Re: Weaning after super extended nursing

    Thank you all for the great advise and praising. I would not have changed anything for having nursed my son for so long. If you want to do this long, it is up to you; you'll get pressure to quit from everyone: family, doctors, pediatricians, but I didn't listen to anyone but my son. We have developed the closest bond ever, so I am eternally grateful for that.

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    I stopped nursing my 3 year old daughter last August and my breasts are still big. I was hoping that I would dry up and they would shrink. I actually have pain in my left breast on and off and wonder if I have a clogged duct or something. I am with you - it's confusing. I really thought I would finally be finished with all this (I was ready to be done at 18 months but she wasn't so we kept going) but my chest is still huge and hurting!

    A friend said it took her a year to dry up after nursing for 2 years so I guess it could take you a long time!


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