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Thread: confused, frustrated, and worried

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    Default confused, frustrated, and worried

    Hello All,

    I am so confused and frustrated...I'm trying not to stress about it because I know stress can decrease milk supply but here's what's happening...

    My LO is 7.5 weeks old. I'm pretty sure I have OALD. When LO pulls off I usual spray and she occaisonally cough/gags/chokes. Recently, she started latching on/pulling off, practically every other minute while she was feeding. Then one feed, she would cry while she was on the nipple. So...I spoke with a LC who gave me all the tips that I had already tried re: positioning, only one breast per feed, etc. Then I started to wonder maybe I have low supply? Is this possible all of a sudden?? Can you have OALD and low supply? I think LO is getting enough as she is still having wet diapers and sometimes when she pulls off there is a bunch of milk on the nipple. But sometimes when she finishes (or when I think she is done) she starts smacking her lips. This however, is a new thing. She never used to smack her lips. A few times I attempted to give her EMB in a bottle since I thought she was still hungry after breastfeeding, but she rejected it...I'm not sure if it's because she was full or because she doesn't like the bottle. Although, she used to take the bottle quite while and actually took it earlier this week very well for my mom.

    So when I started thinking I have low supply, I started pumping again...which I would have have to start again anyway since I will be returning to work in about a month. So I started pumping for 10 min after each feeding. Initially, I got nothing, less than 1/2 oz. Then during the 3rd pumping session I got 3 oz. then the subsequent sessions, nothing again. I don't know what is happening and if my supply has decreased. I am tempted to give her (or attempt to) give her a bottle at the next feeding so I can pump and see how much I get without her feeding off the breast.

    I'm sorry for the long post but your thoughts and advice are appreciated. I'm at a loss.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: confused, frustrated, and worried

    From everything you're describing, I really don't see much cause for alarm over low supply, mama. For mom's with OALD, fussiness at the breast is a pretty normal thing. (Well, actually, fussiness at the breast is normal for all kinds of moms, but it is often even more pronounced for OALD moms.) If you're seeing good diaper output, then all is well. It is possible, however, that your baby is going through a growth spurt, in which case she may want to nurse ALL. THE. TIME. And the way to deal with that is just to nurse her all the time. Usually it only lasts a couple of days, and then things mellow out again.

    I remember going through some rough patches with Joe where he was just the most uncooperative nurser ever! I was worried he wasn't getting enough, because our BF sessions became mini-dramas, you know? It was right around the seven week point, as I recall. (I also had OALD.)

    So, I wouldn't worry about pumping all the time! If you want to pump a couple times a day, great, go ahead. But for the rest of the time, just nurse your baby and let her increase your supply if she wants to keep sucking. It's easier to just keep the baby at the breast anyway. But I don't think you have low supply, I think you're just encountering some normal baby fussies - it's a phase and it will pass. Trust your body! Sounds like you've had a great supply up until now. That doesn't go away overnight! Really!

    If you read the low supply threads here, you'll see there are two kinds of low supply - real and chronic, often caused by a bad start in BF'ing or supplementation; and well, imaginary, caused by a sudden moment of self-doubt. As moms we all worry that our babies get enough food, but lack of self-confidence can, ironically, lead to supplementing, which ACTUALLY lowers supply, causing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sorry, long speal! Basically, hang in there, avoid giving bottles (well, your mom or partner can still give a bottle, but there's no need for you to), and just nurse your baby lots. You can do it!

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    Default Re: confused, frustrated, and worried

    Something to note...what you pump is NOT a good measure of what your baby actually gets. Most moms cannot pump as much as their baby would remove, so they think they are not making enough milk...they supplement....the baby skips a nursing...mom pumps, removing less milk...body makes less milk...and the cycle deteriorates until baby is supplemented more than BF.

    I'd skip pumping except in the morning, to build a freezer stash for returning to work, and just NURSE as much as possible.

    OALD will eventually let up or baby adjusts. It's not a reason to switch to bottles, kwim. Eventually OALD is a blessing. You can feed that baby in 5 minutes

    I wouldn't worry about lip smacking. Try burping her, or are there any signs of reflux?

    Honestly, this all sounds pretty normal to me. BFing can ebb and flow in difficulty. Just when it seems all OK, baby will get teeth or something. Just roll with it and don't scare yourself
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    Default Re: confused, frustrated, and worried

    Does your LO take a pacifier at all? When my DD is done nursing, she often cries when she unlatches, but refuses to re-latch (I think because she no longer wants milk, but it is still coming anyway), I give her her pacifier and she is calm in an instant. Then I burp her. Once we have the "plugger" in and the burp out, she usually drifts right off to sleep.

    So, what I'm trying to say is that maybe when she's done "eating", she's not done "sucking". Make sense?
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    Default Re: confused, frustrated, and worried

    Thanks ladies...

    I did attempt the bottle after a breastfeed again because she just seemed like she wanted more (more hand sucking which is her usual sign of hunger)...but again did not take it...I had my husband try, I even left the room thinking that she might not take it knowing I was there. I put her on the breast and she seemed to "comfort suck"? I think that's what it is called. I've never really been able to hear her swallow except when she gulps due to the OALD...

    She's also not a great burper although she has improved recently and we've been getting more burps from her. I do believe she has some reflux and she is on zantac for it.

    When I spoke to my pediatrician about it, she thought baby just wanted to suck too...and unfortunately, the paci with this baby is hit or miss...but how can I figure out when she is done eating? I guess when she starts fussing? She's changed all her cues (or so I think) so I feel like I don't know what the heck is going on anymore...but I'm trying my best...but I can't help but wonder if she's getting enough...I know there is some milk just not sure if there is enough. I thought of the growth spurt too...but it's already been over a week...so I'm not sure that it's still a growth spurt??

    I guess I will have to wait and see. My husband has been supportive and keeps telling me to just put her to the breast and see what happens...so I guess I just need to go with the flow...

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    Default Re: confused, frustrated, and worried

    you'll make it momma! every mom i've talked to including at one time thought their supply is low...but truly watch the diapers, if you are having at least 8 wet you're fine, the poops can vary in BF babes.

    yes nurse nurse nurse, even if your babe just ate, that's the beauty of it, no rules, no clock watching, just feed the babe, i know it all changes frequently. one day they sleep all day, the next they eat all day.

    just wanted to check in about your pump, it can really determine how much you get...in the beginning i knew nothing & someone gave me a manual and i worked so hard and long to get an ounce! you'll find a lot of info on this site for pumping.
    good luck, you'll do fine!
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