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    Hi all,

    My son is 12 weeks old on Sunday. We have had many issues with breastfeeding. He was born with a posterior tongue tie and had it clipped at 4 weeks. Before that, when he was latching and nursing, it was making my nipples cracked and they would bleed excessively. Since then, he has breastfed exclusively but my nipples grew more cracked and bled more. He was then diagnosed with a very high palette. I am now feeding him with a properly fitted nipple shield (fitted by my LC) and although the pain is much better, my nipples are still cracked and bleeding. I do experience pain for the first 30 seconds on each side when he latches on, but after that, the pain goes away. I use MotherLove cream, give my nipples time to dry out after feedings, rub expressed breast milk on them, and wash them daily with mild soap. Any other suggestions? I'm afraid that if the pain of the initial latch plus the cracking and bleeding continues, I won't make it through the first year of breastfeeding. I am committed to this, but would love any suggestions. Thank you!


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    Can I ask what the cracks look like? Is there just one big crack per nipple that opens up every time you nurse, or do you have multiple, slit-like cracks on the nipple, perhaps on the areola as well? And what do your nipples look like when your baby unlatches? Are they symmetrical, like pencil erasers, or asymmetrical or wedged, like new lipsticks?

    I know from personal experience that nursing with cracks is agonizing. But if the cracking is due to latching problems, things will get better if you can just hang in there long enough. As the baby's mouth grows, he'll become more able to attain a deep latch every single time. I know it is just rotten, but give it time! It took me 4.5 months for my cracks to heal, but they did heal.

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