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Thread: napping alone? hot flashes?

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    Default napping alone? hot flashes?

    I have 2 unrelated questions...

    #1...anyone having success with lo napping alone? My 3 month old will only nap for about 30-60 minutes alone...but for 2 (sometimes more) hours with me. I guess it'll just take time. My older children are almost out of school for the summer and my days of napping with the baby are coming to an end.

    #2...anyone else experience hot flashes/lightheaded episodes like when you were pregnant? Do you know of any "list" of physical symptoms like these associated with bfing? Just wondering what's normal.
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    Default Re: napping alone? hot flashes?

    Q1: Yes my 4.5 month old will not nap in her crib for longer than 60 mins, in a swing though she will nap for 1.5-2.5 hrs. I have been trying some approaches from the No-Cry Sleep Solution. Either trying to catch her before she wakes fully and use cues to get her back to sleep or if she wakes up rocking and nursing her back again to sleep. It's a good book, we are having some progress albeit slow. LO will now sometimes sleep for 1.5 yrs in the crib.

    Q2: I get hot flashes all the time Mama! Not sure if it's a BF or a PP thing. I also too get sorta light headed or sleepy after a longer nursing session. I was attributing this to oxytocin. If anyone has any insight into this please do share.
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    Default Re: napping alone? hot flashes?

    As far as sleeping goes, I second the swing option. Lillian was basically a naps-are-for-the-birds kind 0-4 month old (even with me), but sometimes the swing would help her stay down a little longer than her usual 20 minutes (so glad those days are over!!). Another option that may help is swaddling, insomuch as it might recreate a little of the close feeling she's probably getting while napping with you.
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