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Thread: Desperatley in need of some advice

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    Default Desperatley in need of some advice

    I am so glad I found this forum! after reading through several other threads I am very hopeful that I'll be able to find the advice I need here.

    A little background - I am 25 and this is my first baby, I have PCOS and had a breast reduction 7 years ago. My son was born at 36 weeks, 6 lbs 3 oz at birth. He was jaundiced and had a lot of difficulty nursing at first and one particular doctor pressured me into supplementing with formula and it's all been downhill from there. I started pumping as soon as possible in the hospital in hopes of increasing my supply. By our 2 week checkup he had lost an oz from the week before and he was still really jaundiced so he was readmitted to the hospital. He was there for 4 days and we got a lot of help from the nurses and the hospital's LC but still ended up having to slightly increase the formula supplements. Baby is now 9 weeks old. Since he's been home he's been gaining weight like a champ and I've seen a small increase in my supply, but we're still having to supplement either by using a supplemental nursing system or by bottle after the feeding or both. I would love to be able to cut out the formula and not have to follow almost every nursing session with a bottle or use the supplemental nurser.
    I'm pretty sure my supply is still a bit low because I'm still having to use some formula, but most of the supplements he's getting now are expressed breast milk. Here's one point where I'm totally stumped in all of this, though. After nursing for at least 30 minutes (15-20 minutes on each side usually), he'll still act like he's starving to death, so I'll give him a bottle, but then I'll pump and get anywhere from 1-3 ounces. I know we still have issues with latch because it hurts when he nurses and my nipples are constantly sore and scabby, but I don't know how to fix it. I try to wait until his mouth is open wide, but he doesn't open very wide and I'm constantly pulling his lower lip out/down but he still seems to be tight-mouthing the nipple.
    To make matters worse I started back to work this week so I can't just let him nurse all day. We've kind of got a system down but I don't know how long I can keep it up, it's exhausting. I am fortunate in that I work at a daycare so he's in the room right next to me and I get to feed him twice during the day, but each nursing break is only 30 minutes long.
    Here's what a typical day looks like:
    3 or 4 am - breastfeed about 30-40 minutes, 1-2 oz supplement by sns or bottle
    Pump after nursing, usually get about 3 oz
    6 am on workdays pump again, usually get 1-2 oz
    7 am at daycare 3 oz bottle on workdays, weekends - breastfeed, supplement 1-2 oz and pump after, usually get 1-2 oz
    10 am at daycare breastfeed, supplement 1-2 oz, in weekdays - hand express 1/2-1 oz, on weekends pump 1-2 oz after
    1 pm at daycare same as 10 am
    4 pm breastfeed, supplement 1-2 oz, pump, weekdays 2-3 oz, weekends 1-2 oz
    7 pm breastfeed, supplement 1-2 oz, pump 1-2 oz
    8:30 pm breastfeed, supplement 1-2 oz, pump 1/2-1 oz
    sometime between 11 pm and 1 am breastfeed supplement 1-3 oz, hand express 1-2 oz

    this schedule changes from day-to-day. sometimes he eats ever 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

    I do my pumping right after nursing, should I do that or wait a bit? any advice on getting him to nurse more efficiently? any tips o latch and/or getting him to open wider?
    I take Motherlove more milk special blend (goat's rue, fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle and fennel) and drink Mother's Milk tea and LOTS of water. I talked to my midwife about taking domperidone but haven't gotten that figured out yet since it's a complicated process here in the US. Is there anything else I should be doing?

    Sorry for such an incredibly long post and thanks for reading through it. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. and please forgive any typos, I'm typing with one hand while baby sleeps in the other.

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    My aunt had a breast reduction and almost killed herself trying to pump to increase supply. She didn't use any thing like mothers milk though.

    I hope things get easier for you soon. I can't really give any advice on the supply thing. Check out kellymom.com to see if she can help.
    July 30, 2010-6lbs 2oz- 41w 4d (emergency c-section.) Known dairy, eggs, dogs and cats allergies, eczema, and asthma
    Bonus June 22, 2006 (is 50/50 Custody ) (born 32w) Sensitive to changing temps.
    We BF, BW, Co-sleep and use cloth diapers/pull-ups!

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    Hello and welcome! Congrats on your baby and for breastfeeding. It sounds tough right now, esp going back to work.

    There are many here who will help. I just wanted to say that if I find it is best for me to pump right after my son nurses. I am only pumping once in the morning to build up a stash for work. Even though your breasts are never empty I find this is best.

    I'm not sure how reductions affect your supply so I can't help with that. I just know my son needs to suck all the time. They have this instinct to build your supply. also comfort suck. I just put him to the breast all the time. I would recommend putting him to the breast instead of a bottle whenever you can, even if he's been there a long time or it feels like he just ate. I know work makes this hard but when you are home it's good to nurse nurse nurse.

    For making sure the latch is right:

    I love the new edition of the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, I highly recommend getting it!



    When my nipples were sore I just kept putting on lanolin constantly.

    Hope that helps with some of your questions.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    thank you for the kellymom links, they're always very helpful.
    I tried to work on baby's latch today, but he's very stubborn about opening his mouth up wide, I blame it on giving him bottles early on.
    I've been reading some more threads on here and I'm going to try adding shatavari to my herb regimen and keep up with the nursing as often as possible and pumping after every feeding as often as possible.

    If anyone else has any other advice, I'm all ears!

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    nursing him at work like that sounds like I would be helpful to both of you.
    maybe you can get him to sleep well at the day care and then he can nurse more often at home.
    how much supplement would you say your giving in 24 hours at this point?

    There is info how to reduce that here:


    Do you co-sleep? sometimes that can help moms and babies get rest.

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    nursing him at work is great, I'm so thankful I can do that. Now only if he could nurse well enough to be satisfied in 30 minutes...

    I haven't been keeping track of supplement amounts this week, i really should start doing that again. But I would say he's getting between 4 and 8 oz of formula a day and about the same amount of expressed breast milk, all depends on how much I'm able to pump and how hungry he is that day. I'll keep track today and update later.

    I've read that link before but I'll look over it again, thanks
    we do co-sleep but because he doesn't latch very well and never seems satisfied by just nursing and I have to at least hand express after he eats, I usually end up either sitting up in bed to feed him or going to the rocking chair across the room. I would love to be able to just nurse him laying down and go right back to sleep, but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon.

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    so I kept track of Benjamin's supplement intake the past two days and this is what it looked like:

    Sunday - 75 mL formula (2.5 oz), 254 mL breast milk (about 8.5 oz) for a total of about 11 oz of supplement plus he nursed before getting any supplements. And I pumped about 9.3 oz.

    Monday - 160 mL formula (5.3 oz), 125 mL breast milk (about 4 oz) for a total of about 9.5 oz plus he nursed before all but 1 supplement which was a 3 oz bottle at daycare (already included in the total). And I pumped about 10.4 oz.

    I've contacted an LC and will hopefully be going in sometime this week to get help with latching because I think that's the real problem right now. Thanks for all your help everyone!

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    let us know how it goes!

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    So we saw the lactation consultant today, she was very encouraging. She says I'm doing all the right things but she thinks Benjamin needs some help with his jaw. She said that his mouth was probably too small for my nipple to begin with and even though he's grown into it, he got used to sucking on it wrong. And that in combination with bottle use trained him to tight mouth the nipple. She gave me the names of some osteopaths to have osteomanipulation done to loosen his jaw. She also gave me some tips to help my nipples heal - saline soaks and gently "brushing off" the dead skin with gauze, extra Lansinoh, and the name of an antibacterial cream my Dr. can prescribe if they don't heal soon.

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    Default Re: Desperatley in need of some advice

    that sounds very good. i've never heard of the jaw manipulation, i hope it goes well and you get him nursing even more. good luck with everything. keep up the good work mama!

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