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Thread: Rooming-in in the hospital? How?

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    Default Re: Rooming-in in the hospital? How?

    I had a c-section and my lo was taken to the nicu. It sucked but they had beds in the nicu for parents. Not that I could lay on them. I tried once and couldn't get up. But I held my Lo almost constantly. I think I slept 45mins in the first three days not counting the knock-out for my section. The nurses laughed at me for dragging my IV and catheter bag accross the hospital to the nicu everytime my Lo woke up.

    back on topic...

    even under those circumstances, i would snooze with the lo.
    I'm sure you'll figure out the best thing to do!
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    Default Re: Rooming-in in the hospital? How?

    At the hospital were both my boys were born, rooming-in is NOT optional. Babies only go to the nursery for medical reasons. I had 2 c-sections and had serious problems getting out of bed to get the baby. DH stayed with me but wasn't really much help in the middle of the night. I threw a pillow at him once to try to wake him up. Make use of the call button. If you need help putting baby in/taking baby out of the bassient, call a nurse! Also, take your pain meds!
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    I can tell you what I did with my second baby (my hospital has strict rules that mom and baby *must* room in at night). They have those funny little baby beds with one side that comes down and I made sure that my bed was the same height. Basically sidecarring it And she was on me pretty much the whole time unless I went to the loo. At first I pretended to the nurses that I was not cosleeping (but that didn't last long).

    Just as a side note, I had horrific tearing and pain with my first baby (none at all with baby 2 by the way) and the bobby pillow was my best friend. I sat on one and it made the pain much less painful.
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    Family beds are awesome

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    Default Re: Rooming-in in the hospital? How?

    And if your SO can't be there the whole time, that is what the nurse call button is for! Simply let the nurse know you need help getting up into nursing position and for them to hand you the baby

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    The hospital where i gave birth doesnt have a nursery its 100% rooming in. They have nurses that come near constantly for c-section deliveries (my roommate girl was a c-sectioner) and they helped bring her baby to her whenever she wanted.
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