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Thread: Overflow and pumping

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    I just posted this in the breastfeeding forum, but I guess I was supposed to post it here...

    Hello everyone. I am new here, and I’ve read every reference I was able to get my hand on about overflow and still do not have an answer to my question. I’m hoping I can get help here.

    My daughter is six months old. I’ve breastfed her from day 1, and I’ve also tried to give her expressed milk since early on, but she hates the bottle.
    (I used to pump occasionally, about twice a week.)

    I’ve had an overflow problem since the beginning. Nothing I tried helped. I even tried block feeding and various positions. I tried feeding her laying on my back – but my breasts still splashed like a fountain (and she absolutely refuses this position anyway).

    Anyway, about a month and a half or two months ago, I completely stopped pumping because I had given up on her taking the bottle. And my breasts became much much better. The overflow problem was minimal.

    Recently, I started pumping again. I’m back to work and my daughter has to go to a part time daycare. She has accepted to take about 2-3 oz of expressed milk while I’m gone, but not formula.

    My only problem is that my overflow is back, and the fountains my breasts are creating are uncontrollable. Because of pumping (or so I think) for one feeding per day, my daughter is struggling in all other feedings when I breastfeed her.

    I have to continue pumping because (1) I prefer that she takes breast milk over formula of course, and (2) she hates formula anyway.

    I've shortened the pumping sessions to 6 minutes (including 2 minutes before the let down where the pump isn't really pumping). And I try not to pump more than 1.5 oz per breast. But I still have this problem. I’ve also tried pumping the same amount over two sessions which are apart, but this has not worked either.

    I’m sorry this is long, but I felt I can best benefit from you by providing all the appropriate details. Thanks in advance.

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    Tracie and I have posted in your other thread - hope it helps!
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