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Thread: Restarting Breastfeeding?

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    Default Restarting Breastfeeding?

    Hi All,

    I have posted this elsewhere and someone recommended this forum. Wondering if you are able to add to advice i have already.

    I hope you dont mind me posting this but dont want to discuss with family until i have tried it.

    I have a 2 week old. I tried breastfeeding in hospital for 2 days after her birth (was kept in due to pre eclamsia) but she would not latch and after about 6 midwifes not getting her to latch i caved in to SMA.

    A few days after release my normal midwife visited my home and tried again to re breastfeed and again she would not latch. She told me to try and express. I got 4 drops after 30 mins.

    Then i got put on antibiotics for a water infection and was not sure if i could breastfeed so didnt try any further.

    My daughter is unhappy on SMA not sure what it is. Its not constipation as she is going but the poos are very firm and she struggles for a day.

    Last night in the bath i thought i would check to see if i still had milk as my boobs had lost that full feeling. I was able to get a few drops from each breast although one was easier than others.

    Heres the questions,

    could her latch of changed by 2 weeks?
    If not could i be able to express more now that when i tried before?
    Would returning to breastfeeding help her digestive system?

    I dont want to discuss with family as i feel like i have tried and failed with it so many times i want to see if i can do it before saying anything.

    I was so upset i couldnt breastfeed and really would love to do it.

    Any help anyone could offer would be very grateful otherwise i am going to have to try her on Aptimel Comfort and would really rather nail this now.


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    Default Re: Restarting Breastfeeding?

    2 weeks your baby is still very young.

    this might be helpful to you:


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    Default Re: Restarting Breastfeeding?

    There are mamas here who've relactated much later than 2 weeks, so it surely can be done.

    Have you seen a lactation consultant? I know you said you saw midwives, but not sure about LC. Has your LO been checked for tongue tie?

    To get your supply going, try eating lots of oatmeal and drinking some mothers milk tea.
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    I don't have advice on relactating, but there is a thread in the milk production section about it. I'm sure there are lots of mamas there that can help you!

    But I did want to ask: do you have a double electric pump? Preferably a hospital grade pump? Pumping every 2-3 hours with a good pump will definitely help build your supply back up! It's all about supply and demand!

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Restarting Breastfeeding?

    I second the recommendation for a hospital grade pump, and frequent pumping, and getting help from an LC. You'll have a greater chance of getting your baby to latch on once you get a little more milk back - at two weeks this is totally possible. You may not get much on the first couple days or even first week, but if you do it every day, every few hours, I think you can get your milk back. Also, try doing a lot of skin to skin with your baby, like in the bathtub, and letting your baby play with your nipples. You might be surprised! Good luck mama!!
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