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Thread: when might she sleep more?

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    Default when might she sleep more?

    Hi there.
    My little girl is 7 weeks old, and I think we have gotten the hang of nursing - we had a lot of problems with gas and fussiness around week 5 which I think we have now solved by block feeding.

    she is nursing around every 2 hours in the evening - during the day she occassionally goes longer if we are out and about (if she's sleeping in her car seat or sometimes in her swing she doesn't wake up as frequently). it seems about once a week she has a good 3.5-4 hour evening sleep but not consistently.

    i have heard that once she reaches 10 pounds she's likely to sleep longer - we go to the peds on June 1, and by my guess she's about 9 lbs now, but i wasn't sure if that was true for BF babies. I'm not going to try and force her on a schedule but was hoping there might be some relief coming soon... any thoughts?

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    Default Re: when might she sleep more?

    I am not sure where that 10 pound thing came from. Maybe that was a weight that pediatricians were comfortable telling people to start ignoring their babies at night.

    The truth is that every baby is different and their sleep patterns are changing all the time. By the time you get used to one way of doing things, they change to something else.

    Do you cosleep? That really helps me get enough sleep and still respond to my baby at night. She's four months old and some nights, like last night, only wakes up once or twice. And some nights she wakes up four or five times. I also have a 2.5 year old who finally sleeps all night long, so I don't worry about it. I know that one day she won't need me so much at night anymore.

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    Default Re: when might she sleep more?

    What she said. Joe slept more at about four months ... like three to four hour stretches sometimes ... but then teething kicked in, and new mobility ... and anyway, fast-forward to about 18 months old, he calmed down again, and has, in general, been sleeping much better. Like six hours sometimes.

    But lots of other babies sleep through the night at four months and never stop. Unfortunately, I just don't happen to HAVE one of those babies.

    As hard/impossible as it is, I think it's best not to have many expectations, but just to take things as they come. Every baby is different, and in my experience, there isn't a whole lot you can do to change a baby's basic temperament (although there are definitely small things you can do to maximize sleep, nothing will turn a terrible sleeper into a great one, kwim?).

    It's the luck of the draw, it seems. That, and genetics. My mother (with a certain amount of revengeful glee in her voice) informs me that I was an AWFUL sleeper. The reason she coslept with me was not that she a young hippy mom, but because I refused to sleep any other way! (And come to think of it, I have early memories of sleeping with my parents when I was about three, while my sister slept peacefully in her bassinet! Payback is a ... mean lady.)

    So anyway, keep your expectations low, do what works for you and your baby, and go with the flow. One thing is for sure - as hard as it is, waking up to nurse a cosleeping 12 month old is a lot easier than waking up to nurse a 7 week old. They can latch themselves on. You hardly have to wake up at all! So although I have a very light, restless sleeper, I can say with confidence that I am FAR better rested than I was in his newborn days.

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