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Thread: Breasts dont feel full...is my supply decreasing???!!

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    Post Breasts dont feel full...is my supply decreasing???!!

    Hello ladies!! Ok so for the past week, my breasts havent had that full/engorged feeling like they usually do. My LO also hasnt been nursing as often. Today he went almost 6 hours during in the morning without nursing!!! Compared to every 2 hours on the dot thus far, this was a suprise to me. Also, his nursing sessions have become very short, almost like he is snacking. He is 3 1/2 months old and seems to be teething (I previously posted about this experience). Not sure if that has anything to do with it. His diaper output is fine. I just get worried that my milk supply will decrease or dry out. I plan on breastfeeding for atleast a year if not longer and it is very important to me!!

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Is this a phase?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
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    Default Re: Breasts dont feel full...is my supply decreasing???!!

    Probably not decreasing. Just regulating. It's normal that your breasts eventually don't feel too full. Your body adjusts to what your baby needs.

    Your baby will also become more efficient so it's probably fine that his sessions have become short. He's getting what he needs more efficiently.

    So long as diaper output is fine, all is good.

    Keep it up mama, you're doing just fine!
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    Default Re: Breasts dont feel full...is my supply decreasing???!!

    its normal as your LO gets older for him to get more efficient at removing milk, so sessions might be shorter. also, your breasts should get used to the amount they need to produce, so they don't feel as full as they did in the early weeks (where they didn't know exactly how much your LO needed)...so what you are describing sounds normal to me.

    as far as going 6 hours without feeding, was that during him sleeping? if so, enjoy the sleep! I think as long as you keep feeding on demand (I sometimes go ahead offer if I think its been too long) your supply should be ok. Also the normal diaper output is a good indicator that all is well and he is getting enough to eat.

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    Default Re: Breasts dont feel full...is my supply decreasing???!!

    Sounds like you made it through the crazy newborn stage! And that you are doing GREAT....enjoy your new found sleep.

    It was around 3 months for me too that LO started nursing less often and for shorter periods of time and my boobs were soft and they still are. Nursing sessions are half an hour anymore they are 5-10 mins.

    This is a time to applaud yourself and relax as BF generally gets a lot easier from this point on At least that was my experience. It took a while for me to relax at this point and just trust my body.
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