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Thread: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

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    I don't have any more to add really, great tips here. I had a TON of pain for about four weeks (plus or minus, can't quite remember) with my little guy when he first latched on - i think it's relatively normal and it seemed to just suddenly disappear for me.

    Beyond that - i am awed by your commitment to get this right. You have certainly come to the right place to get support and advice from experienced mamas (with twins, specifically). Keep up your great work. It's really exhausting in the beginning (and i only had one!) but the effort is worth every second in the long run.
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    Hi there... you are doing a great job! Twins means twice as much nursing so I think it makes sense your nipples are sore right now. I would stay with the shield for a little... your girls are still so small.

    You and your girls are learning.... you rock! Be proud of yourself mama!

    you =

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    Don't beat yourself up about using a shield. My hormones were causing my nipples to be sooooo tender in the beginning so we used a shield. We were able to stop using it fairly easy after my tenderness wore off.

    But I fully understand your frustration and pain. I promise it will get easier and you are doing a GREAT JOB seeking advice and giving it your best.

    being a SAHM to DD born 12/09

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