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Thread: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

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    Default Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    Hey everyone
    So here's my story, I'm 18 years old and I just had my identical twin girls Reese and rylee on April 26 11". Due to complication at birth (via c section) rylee my baby a got mucus in her lungs and had to spend the time in the nicu, on top of both of my girls being preemie at 4.15 and 5.8 (36w 2d) they have had trouble latching since day one. Right after they moved me to recovery I started pumping every 2 hours so my milk supply is lovely but the nurse gave me a nipple shield it's been working so far for now the girls (3weeks old) can both feed off it well but I'm determined to breast feed them naturally, the only problem is it's so painful for me I find my self inthe verge of giving up. Trying to get them to latch is even more painful then without the shield and even that makes Me want to cry when they first get on. My nipples are so raw from feeding them and there tiny mouths I dread the time that should be personal and an enjoyable bonding experience with them. How do I get off the shield and feed them naturally without hitting the roof? Is it even possible ? Is there anyone that can assist me ?

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    Default Re: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    I don't have any experience with shields or preemies, but I just wanted to say that you are one amazingly dedicated mama. I know that there are ladies here who have experience that will help you, and your own clear determination is going to get you the rest of the way. Congratulations on the new babies, and welcome to the La Leche League.

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    You can wean from the shield, but it's also okay to use one for now. Try not to stress too much about using it, especially if things are going well. You are doing an AMAZING job so far, nursing twins and preemies is a special challenge and YOU ARE MAKING IT WORK!

    I don't have personal experience with nursing preemies either, but I think it's pretty common to use a shield with them in the beginning because their little mouths are so tiny. As they get bigger and the three of you get better at nursing in general (yes, they have to learn too) it will hopefully get easier and you can start to wean off the shield. In the meantime keep trying every once in a while to see if they can do it without and try not to worry about it.

    Are you nursing them exclusively? Still pumping? Giving bottles at all? Have you seen a lactation consultant about the soreness?
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    first off I just want to say You are doing amazing so far being able to get your supply going by pumping and now nursing twins!!! Here is a link with several ideas on how to wean from the nipple shield. Just remember that nipple shields do have a purpose and helping out moms of premature babies is one of them. Your LOs are really young yet.
    Now the pain. Is the pain you are feeling just at first- when they first latch on? or is it through out the feeding? or even when they aren't nursing?
    Thought this link might be helpful too.

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    Default Re: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    You're in my general neighborhood (I grew up in San Jose, and live in Oakland now). Have you seen a lactation consultant for help with latching these teeny babies on? I know of some great LCs in the East Bay, you might be able to call them and get a reference for someone in the South Bay. Some hands on support and a pat on the back might help you realize that, actually, it really sounds like you're on the right track here! I didn't have twins, or premies, but I went through a couple weeks where nursing caused me toe-curling pain, and I dreaded my baby's little mouth, just like you describe. I was able to get through that time, resolve some issues that were causing me pain (hello, giant case of thrush!), and get to the part where nursing is a bonding experience. And I've never regretted it, and knowing what I know now, would do it again in a heartbeat. Hang in there mama! You'll get through this rough patch. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, I promise. Meanwhile, get some help!

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    Default Re: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    My LO was a couple weeks early @ 5 lb 13 oz & we use a shield too. With PPs, there are some benefits, so don't stress if you can't wean right away! You're not a bad mom, in fact you are a great mom for keeping it up!

    I've had some soreness with the shield as well - I found it helped to pull on his jaw when/after latching & make sure he is all the way to the base of the shield with his lips curled out, not in. (Learned this during the time that using the shield would indeed hurt enough to make me cry).
    I've also read that you need to make sure the shield is the right size, but I didn't try to change sizes & just doing what I just said helped tremendously. If you are using the standard size, I might try going down a size because they were so early.

    I also found that during growth spurt times I have some soreness, but it goes away after a day or two when it's over.
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    Default Re: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    kudos for you for BF twins and preemies at that!! I can only imagine your challenges and just the fact that you came on here shows you don't want to give up. You really are an inspiration!

    I had pain too in the beginning, one of my nipples was very flat and LO had a hard time latching on it. I was using a shield for the first month or so, but as my LO grew she eventually was able to latch on OK. So just give yourself time love, BF is the most difficult when they are so tiny. Once they get bigger they will latch on so quickly and easily you will probably forget about these days. You have already come such a long way and should be very proud of yourself for giving those LOs the best start.

    You should also try to meet with a LC and get out to a LLL meeting too if possible. I am sure they could help with some tips to keep you going. And there are mamas on this forum too I see who have been through this same experience too.
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    Breastfeeding twins is not easy, but its easier than bottle feeding them! At least it is after you all get the hang of it! I would definitely contact a Local LLL group. They can help immensely. I fed mine simultaneously. Which for you may have to wait till they get weaned from shield. But doing that takes no more time than nursing one. You can do it! Seek out support though. You need people who will be there to tell you that you can do it and help you accomplish it.

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    Default Re: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    Good Samaritan Hospital has a free breastfeeding support group from 2 - 3:30 every Tuesday. The gal that ran it when I had DD was awesome for breastfeeding/latch help. Take or leave the parenting advice. Also, you don't have to show up right at 2, and you can interrupt at any point for latch help, if they still run it the same way.

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    Default Re: Please help/ giving up/ San Jose,ca

    mama! You are doing such a great job - your girls are so blessed to have you.

    A pp mentioned making sure the nipple shield is the right size - I completely agree! The nurse at the hospital gave me just a standard size & I used it for weeks with pain. (I had other issues contributing to the pain too...) Then I went to a Medela retailer to buy a second one, and the lady there told me I had the wrong size all along. I needed a smaller one. When I made the switch, I saw a definite improvement in my comfort level.

    Also, they do make a contact nipple shield, which allows the baby's nose to touch your breast directly - for that skin to skin closeness, if you're looking for something that feels more natural.

    Some pps mentioned that it is totally OK to use the nipple shield - and I also agree with that. The most important thing right now is that your babies are getting your milk - and they are - and impressively - from YOU directly!

    On another note - the feelings that you aren't enjoying your time with your babies because it's painful - that is totally normal too and it DOES change. I battled for 12 weeks, fighting back tears every single nursing session, begging my husband to fend him off for 2 more minutes...and now, at 7 months, it was TOTALLY worth it. We have the best, closet nursing sessions. I used to debate switching to the bottle so I could enjoy my baby more. I am SO glad I didn't - because nothing comes close to the time we have during our nursing sessions now. It is absolutely my favorite time of day now. Just remember, as hard as it is right now, and as much as it may seem like you aren't bonding - overcoming this battle can only make your bond with your babies stronger. It may seem far off now, but it will happen for you - it's more than just possible. I promise.

    Sorry this is kind of long - I just think you are doing an amazing thing and I know you can do this. You made it this far! Good luck - stay strong!
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