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Thread: Frustrated with Supply

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    Default Frustrated with Supply

    Why does it seem that towards the end of the week, I am having to work so much harder to pump enough?! I wonder if it's because I am more tired. It doesn't help my tiredness that I have to pump in the middle of the night, just to get enough for the next day's daycare bottles.

    Does your period affect your milk supply? I think that mine might have started today... :-( I am hoping that it's just a little spotting...

    Ugh! I want it to be Saturday, please!

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    Your period will definitely impact your supply - in a similar (but less permanent, obv) way that pregnancy will.

    Weekend is almost here!!!
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    Period definitely affects my supply i notice a drop about three days before my period arrives and then it returns to normal about two days in.

    Also, when i was pumping i noticed pumping less milk at the end of the week because on weekends, my baby is attached to me. Same is true now taht i'm not pumping. on the weekends, baby nurses seven or eight or twenty times a day and during the week it's only for or five, so i always have much more milk on Mondays and Tuesdays. Then LO works overtime on Saturday to get the supply back up, so he's basically latched on all his waking hours.
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