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Thread: "i'm a baby!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    Just what I was wondering, too. My big girl started pretending to be a baby when I was pregnant with baby #2, and she knew big changes were on the way. And she still pretends to be a baby animal sometimes, particularly in stressful situations. Like when I'm pressuring her to put on her pajamas or something, and she'll say "but Baby Tiger doesn't know how to yet". (she refers to herself in the 3rd person, too, just like Elmo does...)

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*duckpond View Post
    My first thought was just "Awww, she's starting to role play!" I think if it were me, I would just go along with the game, and then add some things into it after she'd led the way for a while. Just make sure to say somewhere along the line some of the things that babies do (including but not limited to nursing), and then what happens to babies (they grow), and some of the things they do once they are kids (including but not limited to nursing). Are you worried seeing her do this, or just worried that it means you *should* be worried?
    i'm not really WORRIED, worried. it just threw me for a loop. i think it's because my friend has a newborn baby, and she has watched her nursing.. and because i always tell her the story of when she was born, and how she only slept, nursed, and pooped. i think she has the associations from those things... but it could also be a role-playing thing, b/c she likes to pretend to be a specific animal, and she REALLY likes being "me", putting on my shirts and reading my e-book, etc..
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    My 3yo told me he was a baby yesterday, so I wrapped him in a blanket, patted his bottom and rocked him. A few hours later he was a duck
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