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Thread: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

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    Default Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    I got my blood results back. I'm not pregnant.
    So I have been following through with setting limits on nursing. His manners are coming along great.
    Last night I was going to nurse him to sleep and he only nursed for a couple minutes, then decided he didn't want any. Instead he cuddled me and held my ear until he fell asleep. It was soo nice just cuddle him since it's still like torture to me to nurse. So I'm really hoping we are coming towards the end....

    Thanks ladies for helping me through this one.
    Mom to T September 10 2009 - BF for 20 months

    Due with baby #2 December 31st 2012!

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    Default Re: Conflicting feelings about weaning (kinda long)

    Proud mom of 2:
    DD 5/2008 nursed for 3 years and 3 months.
    DS born 8/2011 nursing like a champ

    Sorry for the short responses...always, always, always NAK or holding a baby

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