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Thread: Hiccups/Diaper Output

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    my LO is a month old. he's always had the hiccups in the womb and constantly has the hiccups now. it's usually after feedings and also times in between. pretty much all the time. is this normal?
    he has them during his sleep too. i keep researching online that it could be ok and that it could be signs of something else. he does cough sometimes and gag on his own spit it seems?

    my next concern is my LO hasn't had a bowel movement since the day before yesterday. He's been having plenty of wet diapers. i'm breastfeeding right now. we're struggling with it but i'm assuming he's gettin enough because my breast feels soft afterwards. when he pull away i burp him and offer the breast again and he doesn't want it. last night we went through 4 hours of him being fussy. his tummy was grumbling and it seemed like nothing helped soothe him. we ended up givng him gripe water.

    im starting to get worried with the above....

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    Default Re: Hiccups/Diaper Output

    The best way to know if baby is getting enough is by counting diapers, which it looks like you are doing.
    More info:

    After 4-6 weeks, dirty diapers can drop off, so I wouldn't worry as long as wets are good (sounds good so far!)
    More info:

    My LO also gets the hiccups quite frequently & did in utero. I've read it's ok to nurse thru them, and might even help get rid of them from the sucking.

    My LO also tends to gag like you described. I haven't consulted anyone about it yet except read it's just one of their reflexes (sometimes they have more spit than they know what to do with which triggers it). Since he always takes care of himself, I don't worry about that any longer either.

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    My LO had hiccups daily in the womb and up until about 3 months still every day, sometimes several times a day. She also gagged a lot, spit up a lot and it ended up being reflux. At our 2 month check up the doctor diagnosed her and put her on meds and told me to try giving up dairy.

    I don't want to get you worrying though mama! Some babies hiccup, gag and spit up a lot and are 100% AOK, but if you generally think something isn't right see your pediatrician. A lot of babies have GER, but often the BF babies don't show symptoms of poor weight gain luckily.

    My LO has GER and a sensitivity to cow's milk, our doctor was a huge help and a huge BF advocate. We now have it nicely under control with meds and I avoid dairy, we had a rough first 3 months and I wish I would have seen her earlier.

    Anyways again, I don't want you to worry needlessly - I just wanted to share my experience, it may not relate to you at all.
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    We luv cloth baby bums!

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