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Thread: Worried...LO eating too much???

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    Default Worried...LO eating too much???

    LO is one month today. I had been EBFing until yesterday when we introduced a bottle to her (we will do this once a day because I am going back to work soon). I know that I have alot of milk - I had seen a LC and found that LO can get 3oz within 5 minutes on my breast, but she stays on the breast for about 11 minutes. I always wondered if she was getting too much. Our ped told us not to give her more then 3oz in the bottle, so that is what we did. However, that was not enough for LO, I had to put her on the breast after the bottle to feed for another 8 minutes.

    Should I be worried that she is eating too much? Could this be setting her up to be an overweight child because she doesn't know when she has had enough? Any suggestions, or is this normal?


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    Default Re: Worried...LO eating too much???

    This is perfectly normal.

    And no your LO wont be overweight from breastmilk. Your milk changes as they eat or at different sucks so if your lo wants to just suck they aren't getting the same amount of milk.

    You're doing good, just follow your baby's lead.
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    Default Re: Worried...LO eating too much???

    Nope. You can't overfeed a breastfed baby. You CAN give baby too much in a bottle, which is probably why your pediatrician gave you a limit for the bottle (that is about right, too, most babies will only need 2-4 ounces at a time). Babies can self regulate when nursing, they can cut themselves off, take breaks, slow down or speed up their suck. This sets them up to recognize their body's cues from the beginning (which may be one reason breastfeeding reduces the chances for your child to become obese in the future). With the bottle the flow is the same no matter how baby sucks and the bottle giver also has control as far as encouraging baby to finish off the bottle. The other issue with the bottle is that babies have a strong urge to suck and at the breast they can comfort suckle and only get a tiny amount of milk or no milk at all. They can't do that with a bottle. So it's possible that your baby wasn't still hungry, but she was still needing to satisfy that urge to suckle. Whatever the case you did the right thing by putting her to your breast to let her satisfy the need, whichever one it was.

    Here's a helpful article about bottle feeding a breastfed baby. You might find it helpful to read yourself and maybe share it with your baby's care provider when the time comes. There are some good tips about how you can more closely mimic the nursing routine while bottle feeding.
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    Default Re: Worried...LO eating too much???

    I promise you are not feeding your baby too much. And no this does not set your child up for obesity later in life. Throw that thought out the window. Breastfeeding actually helps prevent against obesity - one of the theories is because babies self regulate the flow and how much milk they take from the breast. It is possible that your baby just has a high sucking need. Some babies do.

    It is easier to overfeed a baby via bottle. Bottles flow faster and at a constant speed. Baby cannot regulate the amount of intake in the same way. That's why the ped told you not to give more than 3 oz in a bottle. It's highly possible that your baby wanted those last few minutes with you for the comfort, warmth, smell and closeness of being to mama. Not necessarily for more milk.
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