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    I am a second time mom with a wonderful 8 week old boy. I also have a two year old daughter who nursed until she was 16 months old. My son and I have had trouble from the start. He was Jaundice, very sleepy and lazy. Once he started getting a bit more wakeful he was doing well and then about two weeks I started noticing pain in my nipples. Then the green poops showed up with flecs of blood. Since then I have stopped eating Dairy for the past two weeks and he is still having watery green poops. The pain seems to be getting worse and I am just getting more and more depressed. I want to nurse him as long as I can but I just don't see how unless something changes. My milk supply is not going to sustain with his lazy latch and this allergy thing is driving me mad. We see an allergist this week so hopefully we can narrow things down to what it is. He is gaining just fine born 8.8 and now at 8 weeks 13 pounds. So he is getting food. I am just nursing all the time. Any help and support is much appreciated.

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    *bump* sorry, I am typing one handed. I don't want this post to get lost
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    Can you tell us more about the pain you are feeling? Is it at let down? Is it shooting? Throbbing? Itching? In the nipple or deeper?

    Nursing all.the.time is totally normal at that age. And it is always hard. But it has to be close to unbearable when you are in pain all the time. I got thrush not much before then. And it was terrible. But with treatment it went away and things got easier and we are at over 19months now and no end in sight.

    The stress of living with a baby with allergies is pretty awful without pain. Hopefully we can help you get over the pain and the allergist can figure out your baby's issues.
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