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    Hey I breastfeed my daughter...not completely...but partially.

    My cycle came back when my daughter wa 5 months old...I believe I had 2 normal on time cycles...and now I am about a week to 10 days late.

    I know im not pregnant because it simply isnt possible unless its immaculate conception lol

    Is this normal??

    I know some women may not get theirs back till they even stop breastfeeding but I got mine and then it disappeared?!?!? I was always on time before I got pregnant... should i be concerned???

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    have you nursed more recently than you were before? I believe it's fairly common to have irregular cycles while breastfeeding, so i wouldn't be too concerned.
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    Maybe so...I am not sure if i have been nursing more or not lol i guess so though bc shes only been getting 4 4 ounces bottles of elecare (she has milk and soy intolerances) where she had been getting 6 or 7 and we dont do solids yet...sooo maybe so!!

    Thanks i just needed someone to put my mind at ease and didnt wanna pay the co pay to go to doc if i didnt have to buuut if i need to i will kwim??

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    with the pp. Many moms experience irregular cycles while nursing, particularly the first few cycles.

    How do you feel about the supplementing? If you'd like tips on getting rid of the formula, that's probably something we can help you do. And there are a lot of mamas here who have nursed while coping with babies with allergy and/or intolerance issues, so I think you'd get good advice on that front, as well! No pressure, of course.

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    Many women have irregular cycles while breastfeeding. I wouldn't worry about it. My first post partum cycle was 95 days long and after that they got a little more regular but they still aren't what they need to be in order to get pregnant.
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    Totally normal . Your hormones are up and down so any cycle pattern is possible at this point.

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