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Thread: Low milk supply @4 weeks

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    Default Low milk supply @4 weeks

    Hello Ladies,

    I desperately need some help/ and tips on bf'ing my 1 month old baby. I'll provide some background about myself and my LO.

    My LO is 4 weeks old now. She was born healthy and we were discharged the next day. But on the postpartum check up, they found out that she was jaundiced, dehydrated, and lost 13% of her birth weight. I was told that she was not getting enough from my colostrum alone. She was jaundiced with high bilirubin, so she was admitted for phototherapy for two days. She was IV'ed and I was forced (literally had no choice and I'd just do anything to get her healthy and out of the danger zone) to supplement her with formula. My milk did not come in till the 4th day.

    During the hospital stay, I was not allowed to breastfeed her on that first day. The lactation consultant there mentioned that it would be the end of breastfeeding if baby is introduced to bottles that early. She told me about using finger feeding at home. She refused to latch on to me after she realized that bottle was easier. I did not give up though, I kept trying. LO is able to do both well now.

    The two pediatricians at the hospital and her current pediatrician told me to continue breastfeeding her and supplementing her until my milk comes in more, and reduce the formula and eventually back to exclusively breastfeeding. The lactation consultant said that LO latched on correctly and that it is just a matter of my milk supply and to continue pumping at home.

    The problem is, it seems that even though LO would latch on and breastfeed, I do not think I am producing enough for her. After each breastfeeding session of close to 30 minutes each time, she would still be hungry and actually can take about 2 oz, sometimes a bit more from the formula. I have been pumping, drinking lots of water and I just tried taking fenugreek last weekend. But I do not know yet if it is making any difference. I’m just not sure what else to do at this point. I do not get a lot from pumping, I am averaging at half oz per pump from both breasts, sometimes less, and at best I get about 1 oz.

    I am afraid of not being able to breastfeed her as she grows and needing more milk, she is already taking more formula as is than from me.
    Is there anything else I can do to increase my milk supply? I am still hoping to get her off the formula and get back to bf'ing. I just don't know if my milk supply can ever catch up with her needs now. Also, I use Medela freestyle breastpump.

    Thanks in advance for any tips/help.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply @4 weeks

    Have you seen this link:


    The only way to produce more and reduce the supplementing is to start reducing the formula, if that makes sense.

    My daughter would nurse for hours when she was small. The LC told me that was normal. Sometimes she would nurse for 45 minutes on one side and then 45 minutes on the other side. And then want to nurse 15 minutes later! It's really normal for babies to want to nurse all the time.

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    Default Re: Low milk supply @4 weeks

    Pump after every feeding, for at least 15 minutes even if nothing comes out. Milk production is based on demand. Make your boobs think there is a higher demand. It'll take a few days, but keep with it!

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    Default Re: Low milk supply @4 weeks

    with pp. Slowly reduce formula and keep an eye on her diaper count. I had a fine supply and my dd still would nurse for really long sessions, and frequently, at that age. Camp out with water bottles and snacks, read a book or watch movies, and give her full access to your breasts and they will begin producing enough to meet the demand. Try to pump each time you give formula. You can do this mama!
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