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Thread: should i pump to relieve engorged breasts?

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    Default Re: should i pump to relieve engorged breasts?

    We live in San Diego and there are definiltey LLL chapters around. With my broken foot, i cant drive! Booo! Not for at least 3, maybe 5 more weeks.

    As soon as i am more mobile, i do plan to attend a LLL meeting.

    Well, hopefully i wont feel totally overwhelmed - but to avoid that, i will try to get rest and take care of myself as best i can

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    Wink Re: should i pump to relieve engorged breasts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mamakazi View Post
    The pain is surely manageable and I feel like letting him eat when he is ready (anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours) is a better way to regulate my milk supply. But I am not sure if this is true.

    He has a TON of poopy and wet diapers a day - well over what is considered healthy. Today he is 5 days old and he hs had 4 poopy diapers by 9 am! So i am certainly not concerned that he isnt eating enough.

    Thanks all - I love this forum!
    I do a combination. I pump JUST enough to make me comfortable if I am uncomfortable, and I store the milk in the freezer in case I travel. Hasn't happened yet but one can dream right? Hehe...
    But if I am comfortable I trust nature and let my body adjust to his schedule. If you don't pump, your body will signal to produce a little less milk during that time and will operate around his sleeping. Once he sleeps less and eats more, your body will speed up the process again.

    I say, "Why get in the way of nature". Let your body do it's thing.

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