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Thread: will this decrease my supply?

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    Default will this decrease my supply?

    I will only be able to pump once during work today. I have meetings and appointments booked all throughout the day and I only have one 20 minute break to eat and pump. I litterally don't have any time between appointments. Is this going to ruin my supply? I have a 15 week old boy. I nursed him right before I went to work and will be at work for 9 hours.

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    I don't think one day like this will have a permanent impact, especially at 15 weeks. However, just make sure it isn't a common occurrence

    Is there any way you could hand express into the sink or something during bathroom breaks? It might help a little.
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    I with hand expressing if you can during the day...otherwise you will feel uncomfortable
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    Default Re: will this decrease my supply?

    I too with the hand expression and that for one day it will be ok. Just try to nurse just as you get home.

    Sometimes I'm so busy at work I don't remember to pump the second time, but I try to fix it the next day by pumping every 2-3 hours max.

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