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    My LO is now 13 weeks old. We have battled food sensitivities since he was 2 weeks. Just when we think we have it basically figured out, I go & relax too much about it & we're right back to square one with the abdominal cramping & diarrhea. My diet is very limited & strict due to this.

    He has also had latch difficulties from the beginning. We've basically made best friends of our lactation consultant we have been to see her so much - but in the end, nothing seems to have helped his latch & I decided that I would pump & bottle feed - which has greatly reduced the amount of air he swallows during a feed now that I've found the bottle/nipple that works best for him. But I did see a slight decrease in my supply when I started pumping exclusively. I do still try nursing every few days or so, but always regret it with all the slurping & clicking he does. He has gotten neither better or worse at it since the bottle feedings commenced.

    Now that I am back to work, my supply has taken a nosedive. I have been very assertive about pumping no less than every 3 hours at work. I am now also on Reglan, but still having to supplement about 3 bottles of formula per day. He averages about 25oz per day while at daycare & that seems to be pretty much all I'm able to pump in a full day. I have ordered some more milk plus special blend & I am cautiously hopeful.

    I feel so sad & frusterated that this has been such an uphill battle from the beginning. I am a nurse & I come in contact with every little "bug" that goes around, it seems. And while I have had a couple of colds since my LO was born, he has not had any issues, I believe because of the antibodies he receives from the breastmilk. I am afraid if I were to stop the breastmilk I may have a child with chronic cold symptoms. How much breastmilk is enough to provide sufficient antibodies??

    Any other hints, tips, suggestions for increasing my supply? Due to the fact that I am having to supplement with formula, any recommendations for babies with suspected milk protein sensitivity & proven iron sensitivity? He is currently getting Nutramigen, but he doesn't like it and he spits up ALOT on it. Tried Alimentum, which he liked, he didn't spit up, but it caused him cramps & diarrhea. Another mommy friend recommended good start stating her baby did better on it than nutramigen - but I am fearful of the whey protein in it - any thoughts on this???

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    Mama, I'm so sorry thishas been so hard for you both!

    I can't give any advice on the food sensitivity issue, I'm afraid.

    But the two things that stood out to me -

    1) I'm not sure you're producing too little based on what I read here. 25 oz per day at daycare sounds like way too much. How long is he there for? Babies only need about 1-1.5 oz of BM per hour they are away from mom. So if he is away from you for 10 hours the max I'd think of sending would be in the 16 oz range. If he is being stuffed so full, I wonder if it doesn't contribute to some of his digestive discomfort, you know?

    2) It sounds like your LC is super nice, but have you tried seeing another one just in case they might be able to think of some other way to help the latch? Or go to an LLL meeting? It wouldn't necessarily mean your LC wasn't competent, just maybe someone else has different experience that could possibly help.

    Other mamas have BTDT with the food allergies/restricted diet. And I just wanted to also give you a for working so hard to take good care of your LO and provide the best food for him.
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