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Thread: pea sized lump on nipple

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    I've had a pea sized lump at the tip of my nipple for about a week. It changes in size and hardess sometimes. It was real painful at first while nursing, but I can nurse comfortably on that side now though the lump is still there. It's the same color as the rest of my nipple. I've tried all the normal stuff--moist heat, lanolin, frequent nursing, the "dangle"--nothing seems to affect it, though. Saw the doctor who says it's a plugged duct and put me on some antibiotics as a preventative measure. If it's just a plugged duct, though, I don't get why it hasn't cleared by now. There's no visible dried milk, but nothing comes out of that area when I hand express. Any ideas or possible solutions?

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    I've had nipple pimples too. they are called blebs, I think. i also did all the things you have done . i did not see a doctor so i never went on any medications. my bleb was not from a plugged duct , just a plugged nipple pore. It took about three days to clear. I let the hot water during my shower soften it to let it open and drain.
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    anti-botics might have been wise if your in pain. It can take a while for a lump to go away.. hang in there.

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    I had this happen frequently over the past 2-3 months. Sometimes I could see the milk blister/bleb in the nipple, and other times I could not. I was told it was a blocked duct, though often times, as was mentioned earlier, it was blocked right at the nipple. I never did see milk solids, and I found the pain was caused due to the pressure without release.

    Over the past month, frequency or occurence has greatly reduced for me. What I found worked for me was frequent feeding on that side, self-breast massage, application of heat, lecithin supplements, an APNO that my doctor prescribed, and only if absolutely necessary and a milk blister was visible I lanced with a sterile needle following the directions I was given by my healthcare peeps. Both my GP and my LC referred me to the resources on Dr. Jack Newman's website: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...id=5&Itemid=17 (they are actually the first 2 topics listed there). I have also heard good things about ultrasound for treatment, though I have not used it myself.

    Good luck, and hope that helps!!!

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    with the sterile needle suggestion. That's the only way I've ever been able to clear a bleb.

    I'm a bit shocked that your doc gave you "preventative" antibiotics. They are generally not necessary to treat blebs or plugs, and generally should be reserved for cases where mom actually has mastitis, in order to limit the development of resistant strains of bacteria. If you haven't started taking them, I personally would hold off unless you see signs of mastitis, like aches, pains, fever, chills, malaise, or red patches or streaks. If you have started taking them, however, it is wise to finish what you have been prescribed.

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