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Thread: 3rd child, still have Q's

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    Default 3rd child, still have Q's

    I BF my DD#1 (now 18 months) for 2 months, when she was diagnosed with acid reflux and put on an AR formula. I am now BF DD#2 (4 weeks) and am having problems with over active letdown. I haven't noticed anything different than with DD#1, could she have been misdiagnosed due to my Ped. not looking into possible BF issues?
    Also, I pump occasionally to give daddy a chance to feed and give me a chance to shower occasionally (LOL), my hubby noticed that if left sitting for more than a few minutes (15-25min)my milk "separates" is this normal? DD#1 never let anything sit long enough to notice a change. I'm also assuming that the thicker milk on top is the hindmilk

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    Default Re: 3rd child, still have Q's

    Hello there - welcome to the boards and congrats on your newest babe... I too am a mommy of 3 and this one I had many more questions with - (probably because you reaslize how much info is out there that you weren't aware of before!)
    Anyhow - to answer your question... yes it's normal for your milk to separate and yes it's the richer milk that is rising to the top - pardon the comparison but it's just like a cows milk...

    * as far as the potential for a misDx on DD1 - of course that's possible and sometmes because of the OALD and over supply the babies experience more of the reflux symptoms... that is just what I experienced and when I "treated" my OALD/oversupply (and got off dairy) the reflux issues all but went away (almost ) and on an aside sometimes pedis don't like to /want to look into issues further than "oh, we have a problem with bf'ing - lets switch to Formula" But thankfully this time one didn't have too many answers for me and wanted to do nothing and the other wanted to run a battery of test - thank goodness for this board & the information and support or else I wouldn't be where I am today.. I pretty much self diagnosed (which I am not endorsing ) and have a great BF relationship with DS2 yay!!!

    Hope this helps!
    good luck!

    ETA the following:

    Stored milk separates into layers. Cream will rise to the top. Gently swirl the warmed bottle to mix the milk layers.
    Quote taken from this site

    Forceful/overactive letdown

    Forceful letdown and concequences/treatments.

    Common side effects of OALD

    Here's a link on oversupply & reflux- just in case
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