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Thread: I don't know what to do

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    Default I don't know what to do

    My son Wyatt was born on 10/11 as a preemie. We spent a week in the NICU before we got to bring him home. While in the hospital I pumped and was able to bf him some. However, the staff had already given him a bottle. Since then my dr has told me to bf him and to supplement with a bottle. He says that eventually Wyatt will eat enough milk off of me, that he will no longer want the bottle. The thing is I can get Wyatt to nurse for 15-20 minutes (this is constant suckling) and then I offer him a bottle, where he proceeds to eat 2 ounces or more of formula. Since he eats so much from the bottle I am wondering if he is ever not going to need the bottle. I want so much to bf, but I am not sure what to do. Any advice you have would be great, just please don;t say don;t supplement b/c that is not an option for me right now.

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    Our LO's have the same birthdays!!!! Congrats on the birth of your son!!! She was born at 34 weeks on 10/11/05. Has he started gaining his weight back yet or is he back to his birthweight? Madeline had to have formula in the NICU also with what very little breastmilk I could produce and get out with the pump. She was in for 10 days, my milk didn't come in till day 7 or 8, I don't remember which now.
    When he is nursing, does he fall asleep on the breast and then you wake him up for a bottle? or does he stay awake and fall asleep after the bottle? After your nursing session, is he acting hungry? Once I got Madeline home, I was determined to only nurse her and threw all the formula we got from the hospital away so it would not be temting to supplement with it. I did pump some milk and give it in a bottle after she would nurse. I wish I had never done that, knowing now what I do. How often is he nursing, and are you waking him up at night to nurse him?
    It is possiable to exclusivly nurse a preemie after they are home. Madeline is over a year old and has only had solids after her 1st birthday a few times (her choice), so she is still mostly breastfed (it's been a couple of weeks since she ate any food). Great Job mama for sticking it out with a pump and providing what you could to your DS in the NICU. I know when we took her home, I felt like I was stealing her from the hospital.....
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, there are a few preemie moms on this site that can help out or if you want more private, don't hesitate to PM me. Good Luck!!!

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