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Thread: What to give daycare

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    I read that feeding with a cup is not a sippy cup, is that correct. I wish I could skip bottles and go straight to a sippy cup but he is too little....10 wks.

    My DH actually will have my lo the first day i go back and I just talked about him using a dropper instead of a bottle.

    My lo is so attached to me (and me to him) that I have this overwhelming fear of him suffering in the daycare those first few days. Ive done this before with my older son and I love the daycare, they are amazing. I cry when I think of him being upset. We visited yesterday to see how it was. He was in the teachers arms and she had quieted him but he looked frightened. I feel just awful.

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    It's so hard. I'm sorry.

    I agree with the 2 oz bottle suggestion. How many hours will you be away - including commute time? Since you're so close can you nurse at lunch?

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    im going to nurse/ pump at home before we leave. takes about 20 min to get to daycare from home.

    im planning on getting to daycare at 8, nursing until about 8:30.

    i'll pump at work after this, then drive back to daycare at about 12 to nurse.

    pump at about 3, leave work 4:30, nurse when i get there. its about 10 min from work.

    just nurse at home/into the night since we cosleep.

    sound good?

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