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Thread: Medela PIS advice needed please

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    Default Medela PIS advice needed please

    Hi there, could really do with some advice please. Baby (16 days) has "breast refusal so I have been expressing since day 1. I had been using a manual Avent pump and getting 120 - 200 ml in total each time (20 mins each side). Bought the Medela Pump In Style today and on first try only got 100 in total. (pumped for 20 mins only as it is a dual pump). With the Medela pump the milk just seemed to drip out whereas with the manual Avent pump I would see at least 6 little jets of milk from each nipple and really hear the milk gushing out. Is the dripping normal with the Medela or is there maybe a problem? Also after 10 minutes of pumping the Medela pump switched itself back to the stimulation phase itself...should this happen?

    Any advice/experiences would be so welcomed. My baby has also started showing first signs of being colicky and I'm really really struggling. Thanks so much in advance.

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    Default Re: Medela PIS advice needed please

    I would call medela. The pump should not be switching back to the stimulation phase like that.
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    - give Medela a call. That sort of makes me wonder about the level of suction, given your lower output. I know you don't have another electric pump to compare it with, but do you feel like the level of suction is as forceful as the suction your get with the manual?
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    If anything I would expect better output with the PIS. You should still see the milk spraying out just like with the manual. Is your PIS new? Also, are you using similar sized flanges? If they are the wrong size, this could affect the suction.

    Another thing you could try is to pump first with the PIS and then switch to the manual. If you are able to express more milk after the PIS stops producing then you will know the PIS pump is having problems that will need troubleshooting.

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    Default Re: Medela PIS advice needed please

    call medela. Their customer service is fabulous.

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