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Thread: Water—How much do you need to drink?

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    Default Water—How much do you need to drink?

    If you're concerned about your milk supply, one of the first suggestions you'll hear is to drink more water. It makes sense... Water is one of the main ingredients that goes into milk, so you need to have enough of it available in your body for milk production.

    It's then easy to reason that if you're not making enough milk, maybe one possible cause is that you don't have enough of that key ingredient.

    So do you need to drink more water?

    That depends. If you're seeing any of these signs, the answer is probably yes:

    - you're thirsty!
    - your urine is dark, concentrated, or strong-smelling
    - you're constipated

    Will drinking more water help boost your milk supply?

    Probably not.

    Several studies have shown that there is no significant difference in milk production when mothers drink extra water.

    In one study, some mothers actually had a slight decrease in milk production when they drank 25% more water than when they drank to thirst. Another study looked at the differences between drinking to thirst, drinking 50% more water, and drinking 50% less water. The differences in milk supply were statistically insignificant.

    Your baby gets first dibs on the nutrients and water in your body. If you're not drinking enough, you'll see other signs of dehydration first, before it really starts to affect your milk supply.

    So, you may or may not need to drink more water. But if you're concerned about your milk supply, you don't need to worry that you're causing or adding to the problem by not drinking enough, and you don't need to force yourself to drink more water than you want.
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    Default Re: Water—How much do you need to drink?

    Thx, karen, i get it!

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    Default Re: Water—How much do you need to drink?

    Wish I had read Karen's words of wisdom last night before I drank 3 huge glasses of water just before going to bed, to tank up before the long stretch of night... LOL! But I won't be making this mistake again tonight! Cheers Karen! Thanks OP for asking the question!
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